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What Are Play-to-Earn Games and How To Get Started

by cryptocreed
What Are Play-to-Earn Games

Last Updated on February 10, 2023 by cryptocreed

Video games have always been a way for players to escape from otherwise hectic lives. However, it is only possible to transfer the time spent on a single game into real-world revenue if your abilities are in the 99th percentile of players.

What if we told you that things are about to change? Here comes the next generation of gaming: play-to-earn (P2E) titles. In this article, we’ll teach you the basics of P2E games and even mention some other ways you can earn money online just by gaming! Let’s dive in.

How do P2E games work?

The play-to-earn feature enables gamers to passively earn crypto while they play. Although the specifics vary from game to game, most NFT goods are gained via staking, cash farming, or item creation. 

Most gamers of earlier blockchain games had to rely on luck to make a profit. However, play-to-earn has given rise to virtual economies and business models where gamers are paid for simply playing and having a good time.

Do You Need to Pay to Play Every Play-to-Earn Game?

If you want to start your P2E journey, there’s a good chance you’re asking whether you can just farm NFTs in these games. To put it simply, it’s up to the studio to decide.

Unfortunately, a minority of studios provide their games at no cost to the player. In such games, NFTs can be obtained as in-game prizes. 

Therefore, most of the time the player must pay money upfront and buy NFTs from existing players. This is why these video games are often known as “pay to win” or “pay to play” games. 

Another popular type of “pay to win” games are Bitcoin Live Casino games. There, you can wager your Bitcoin or other crypto and play live-streamed casino games. The games are hosted by professional croupiers, so the experience is as close as it gets to playing in a real-life casino!

Axie Infinity – The Most Played P2E Game

Axie Infinity is by far the most popular P2E game. It relies on the Ethereum blockchain and it’s home to the Axies, little NFT creatures reminiscent of Pokémon. Players may acquire Axies as virtual pets and train them to do war, breed, gather, grow, and even construct their own kingdoms. 

Axie Infinity stands apart from the crowd because it’s a duality of traditional multiplayer online games and blockchain technology. In this Ethereum-powered game, the players have full control over their digital possessions and reap the benefits of their hard work as they progress to higher levels.

To get started, you need to link your crypto wallet to your Axie Infinity gaming account. Once the player’s accounts are linked, you’ll have access to the online marketplace. To start your journey you need three Axies. Given that the going rate for an Axie varies according to characteristics including rarity, experience, qualities, and kind, the pricing of an Axie is notoriously complicated. 

So-called “Floor Axies” are the cheapest sort of Axies, so it’s best you acquire them first. These Axies are usually not very effective in combat and hence don’t bring in a lot of money for their owners. A more powerful team of Axies can set you back several hundred US dollars, while a rare Mystic Axie may fetch you over a thousand. Having said that, the return on investment can be huge. If you wish to discover more P2E games, check out NeedForTurbo: a play to earn racing game on Ethereum and Binance chain!

The Future of P2E Games

Many gamers and crypto aficionados like playing P2E games because of the value they bring to the digital asset ecosystem. Growth in the pay-to-play gaming industry is being propelled by NFTs. 

The gaming industry is committed to incorporating blockchain technology into commercially available games. For example, in honor of Final Fantasy VII’s silver anniversary, Square Enix has released NFTs as a special treat for the most dedicated fans. 

Despite these developments, a considerable portion of the gaming community remains skeptical, if not downright hostile, toward the idea of NFTs being included in their favorite pastime. The only thing that remains is to play the games if you like them and wait to see how the industry develops.

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