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The Bike that Earns Cryptocurrency as You Cycle

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Many people earn cryptocurrencies in different ways. Trading and mining are the most common ways to acquire cryptocurrencies. Well, you can receive cryptocurrencies in some other methods, such as affiliate marketing and referral programs. If you want to make your earning process more interesting, you can earn from playing crypto games.

Do you know recently a bike retailer company has launched an electric bike that can earn you cryptocurrencies? Isn’t it a great idea? When you ride the bike, you can receive cryptocurrencies. If you want to know more about it, read on.

Ride Bike to Earn Cryptocurrencies

Technologists, engineers, and entrepreneurs always work hard to develop innovative solutions to change the world for the better. Consider the case of blockchain technology, it is the most innovative technology that has already changed the world in many ways, and it will bring a revolution shortly.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the two most significant innovations of the past decade. Now everyone is interested in earning cryptocurrencies through various means. To offer an innovative way to make cryptocurrencies, an electric bike company launched a range of bikes. You can receive cryptocurrencies by riding these bikes.

The UK-based electric bike company 50 Cycles has come up with an innovative way to earn cryptocurrency. The company designed an electric bike model that can earn crypto coins when you ride the bike. The company has renamed its brand as Toba Electric Bikes. Now let us know how you can receive cryptocurrencies by riding a Toba electric bike and what the motorcycle founder says about it.

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How can you earn cryptocurrencies by riding a bike?

Are you excited to know how you can earn crypto coins by riding a bike? Well, for that you need to have a Toba electric bike. When you ride the bike, you can make ‘LoyalCoin’ worth 20 Euros to ride 1000 miles. The good thing is that you will have your physical fitness because you have to paddle the bike to earn money. Once you obtain the tokens, you can redeem the coins in other forms of digital currencies.

Well, many people who don’t want to earn crypto coins by riding bikes earn by trading through cryptosoft login.

What the founder of the company said about the bike?

Scott Snaith, the founder of 50 Cycles, said that the bike is not only the first of its kind, but it is also the first product that will generate tokens for using the product.

He also said that their company always that they is always focused on bringing the latest technology to their products. Further, the company was the first who developed an electric bike in which blockchain and cryptocurrencies are used.

The company was working with the digital currency LoyalCoin to reward their customers. They were looking for a way to reward their customers, and finally, they end up with the idea of a TOBA bike. As a result, customers will be attracted to own a motorcycle that can earn cryptocurrencies for riding the bike. This idea can bring more customers to the business as well as promotes green transportation.

How to redeem ‘LoyalCoins.’

You can handle your earnings through a mobile app. The electric bike can be unlocked using a private key through the mobile app. You can access your earnings from the mobile app and redeem them too.

You can use your earnings to access more products from the 50Cycles and use the coins for other reasons.

You can also exchange your earnings with the most popular digital coins such as bitcoin, Litecoin, Digibtyes, etc. Moreover, you can also use these digital tokens to access and pay for using bikes.

Another electric bike company from Singapore oBike has launched its bike, which can earn your rewards in the form of digital coins.

Final Words

Now the electric bike has so many benefits for you as well as for the environment. The bike supports green transportation because it is an electric bike, and you can also paddle these bikes. Moreover, you can earn digital currencies while cycling. So you get two benefits: you can maintain your fitness by cycling, and second, you can also make some bucks in the form of digital currencies. I hope you would enjoy riding these bikes and receive cryptocurrencies. Now share what do you think about such innovative products?

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