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ResumeGets: Best Place To Get Your Resume Written

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There are several ways to write a resume. To choose the most appropriate one for you, ask yourself: what do you want to say with this document, and what, on the contrary, you are trying to keep silent, which details of your biography to present as prominently as possible, and which ones to mask in a stream of meaningless phrases?

What is a CV?

CV is a personal balance of the candidate, with its pros and cons. So creating a CV is not only a necessary technical action, but also a useful psychological exercise: a review of what you’ve done can help you build confidence and/or ask yourself a couple of useful questions. But first, you need to understand the basic requirements, and then you can move on to the existential questions.

Different countries have very different requirements for resumes. For example, in Germany such document can occupy more than two pages of printed text, which indicates all that a person has experienced in life, starting from school (including school grades), and attaches a photograph. Sometimes a handwritten CV is required there. In the USA CV should necessarily fit on 1 page, without a photo, without an indication of age, nationality, as all this information can be regarded as an attempt of the candidate to influence the hiring manager’s decision.

It is impossible to write a document that will satisfy the requirements of all HR managers and will be suitable for most vacancies.

So, what should the main components of the resume look like Aiming to achieve a specific position. It is better to be extremely concise and specific.


This graph is obligatory for filling. You should fully decipher the name of the educational institution.

List courses and trainings with dates, names of educational institutions and certificates received. If you have attended many trainings, it is better to choose the most relevant to the job for which you are applying, so as not to overload the main section of the resume. Any additional information that is not relevant to your professional activities should be noted in the appropriate section.

Work Experience

Accomplishments are described in the result form, in the perfect form (“did”, “achieved”), not in the procedural form (“did”).

You should list places of work over the past 5-7 years with positions, number of subordinates, detailed descriptions of roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments. If the name of the company is not very well known in the market, specify what it does.

Your achievements are the main trump card. Be sure to specify what you have achieved in your previous jobs, for example, “sales volume doubled”, “a business plan was prepared and $1 million was invested”, “an electronic document management system was prepared and implemented”, in order to clearly demonstrate to the employer the successes that you have achieved in professional terms. Remember that accomplishments are described in the form of results.


References are an added plus for employers. They demonstrate your openness and professional connections, as well as, in part, your level of social contacts – which can be especially important in some fields. Include the names of 2-3 people who could give you a reference.

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