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Remitano Announces Fiat (MYR) Wallet and Instant Trading Support for Ringgit

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Last Updated on February 6, 2021 by cryptocreed

Remitano has launched a new Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) fiat wallet that allows users to connect their bank accounts with our new MYR fiat wallet for easier and faster transfers, deposits, and withdrawals.

With the new MYR fiat wallet, users will no longer need to worry about conflicting currency exchange rates or delays occurring when depositing or withdrawing funds from their bank account — thus allowing them to trade and invest in MYR with even greater ease and speed.

Remitano’s peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange is powered by our highly secure mobile and web interfaces that are not only easy to navigate but are also designed with high levels of functionality for both Android and iOS systems, as well as for Windows computers.

With our groundbreaking instant trade feature, users using our P2P platform can now enter a trade with the assurance that the entire transaction will be processed automatically till completion. Users will not need to wait around to see whether their transaction goes through, thus saving them precious time and freeing them up to do what they do best.

Buy and Sell Ringgit in Seconds



With our new instant trade process, buyers can simply take their pick and transfer the necessary funds to the seller’s bank account. Once that’s done, sellers can immediately release their purchased coins to the buyer’s wallet without further delay.

This means greater transaction efficiency for all sides in line with Remitano’s commitment to continuously streamline our capabilities to ensure that users can trade and invest with us ever faster and more securely.

Read the guide on how to use the MYR wallet.

Get a 50% Refund on Delayed Transactions

If a trade takes more than 15 minutes to complete, users will be refunded 50% of the transaction fee. This 50% transaction fee refund also applies to buyers.


Find out more about Remitano’s fast guarantee.


About Remitano

Remitano is a product of Babylons Solutions Limited based in Seychelles. As a fast-moving marketplace, Remitano’s purpose is to offer robust quality trading assurance to all users. With necessary safety standards in place, buyers and sellers can come together, store, trade, and retrieve assets, thus minimizing challenges common to crypto exchanges.


Launched in 2014, Remitano is a global cryptocurrency exchange serving international markets such as the United States, Malaysia, China, Nigeria, Vietnam, Australia, Cambodia, and Indonesia.


Contact Details

Electronic mail: [email protected], [email protected]

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