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Propagate, Open The Portal And Bitski Join Forces With Creed Bratton For First NFT Collection

by cryptocreed


Join Creed Bratton as He Embarks on a Journey Into the Metaverse!

Collection to Drop on Thursday, March 17th


MARCH 14, 2022 / 9 AM PT – Los Angeles – Propagate Content, the premiere independent content studio, and distributor, Open the Portal, and Bitski are teaming up with artist and actor Creed Bratton (The Office) to drop his first NFT collection, “The Original CryptoCreed.”

The initial drop will take place at 9 am PT (12pm ET) on Thursday, March 17th, 2022. “The Original CryptoCreed” collection will have three tokens available for purchase at https://www.bitski.com/@AlienChickenNFT/created.

What started as a voicemail evolved into an NFT project that pushes the boundaries of digital storytelling and Web 3.0 technology. On March 14th, 2022, the artist formerly known as Creed Bratton was digitally burned and sent into the metaverse. This moment marked the first ever digital transition of not only a physical art piece but the art encapsulated in a living, breathing person. Now in NFT form, fans and critics alike can follow CryptoCreed on his Web 3.0 adventures.

“So what Iʼm getting from this is they’re going to take my body apart digitally and sell it to people as art pieces. You know, I’ll be dead of course but I think that’s an interesting way for my children to make money,” said Creed Bratton.

The first token, The Original CryptoCreed, is an Open Edition NFT priced at $20.22. Purchasers will receive a full resolution image and 3D animation of CryptoCreed that unlocks additional content, including a full-length video trailer “Introducing CryptoCreed” – the first installment of a video series documenting Creed’s adventures in the metaverse available only to those with tokens. Token holders will receive access to bi-weekly chats with Creed Bratton and the Alien Chicken Team and early access to future CryptoCreed drops. The Original CryptoCreed is only available for 36 hours.

The second token, The Original CryptoCreed – Silver Edition, is a Limited Edition NFT priced at

$288.88, with 88 tokens available. Purchasers will receive everything included in The Original CryptoCreed, as well as a personalized voicemail from Creed Bratton.

The last token, The Original CryptoCreed – Gold Edition, is a 1 of 1 auction sale starting at $888. In addition to all of the perks of the Silver Edition, the winner and ten friends will gain access to a virtual meet and greet with Creed Bratton himself. The auction will end at 4 pm PT (7 pm ET) on March 23rd, 2022.

The Original CryptoCreed is the first drop from Alien Chicken NFT, a joint venture between Creed Bratton, Open The Portal, and Propagate Content’s Sidecar Incubator. Alien Chicken NFT will continue to release new NFTs as CryptoCreed’s journey into the metaverse unfolds through a series of exciting drops over the next six months. Follow along on his journey at alienchickennft.com.

Promotional Assets: Logo | Photo Selects | Trailer | BTS Videos

BTS Videos: The Making of CryptoCreed & The Burning of Creed Bratton

About Creed Bratton

Mysterious, eccentric, good-hearted, and downright talented are all words that have been used to describe actor and musician Creed Bratton over the years. Creed may be best known for starring as a fictional version of himself on nine seasons of the award-winning, critically acclaimed NBC series “The Office.” For nearly eight years fans worldwide grew to love him as Dunder Mifflin’s quality assurance director who unapologetically forgets the names of his own co-workers, and says bizarre confusing statements on a regular basis. If Creed was onscreen, laughs were sure to follow. While Creed may be best known for his on-screen antics, he is also an established musician with a career in music that spans nearly five decades, and he isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Creed has just released his 9th full-length album entitled “Slightly Altered,” produced by Dave Way (Sheryl Crow, Fiona Apple) and Dillon O’Brian, available wherever digital downloads are sold.

Born in Los Angeles, Creed grew up in Coarsegold, California, a small town near Yosemite National Park. As a child, he was surrounded by the arts; his grandparents, mother, and father were all musicians. Creed began playing guitar professionally as a teenager, making pocket change performing while attending Sacramento State College and College of the Sequoias where he studied theater. He went on to become a member of the legendary American rock group The Grass Roots, playing lead guitar with the group on their first four albums – three of which charted and sold millions of records across the globe. Creed parted ways with the band in 1970, but continued his passion for music and acting, playing music all over Los Angeles. Creed has released a handful of solo albums over the years, including: “Chasin the Ball,” “The 80’s,” “Coarsegold,” “Creed Bratton,” “Tell Me About It,” “Bounce Back,” “While The Young Punks Dance,” “Creed Bratton Demo,” and “Slightly Altered.” Creed is currently working on his 10th solo album and is currently in talks with extraterrestrial promoters to release it in the metaverse.

About Open The Portal

Open the Portal is an award-winning creative studio based in Los Angeles, specializing in animation, practical effects, and audio production. Since 2015, OTP has worked with a repertoire of collaborators including Netflix, Disney, Legendary Pictures, Adult Swim, SYFY, Tierra Whack, Rico Nasty, and many others. David Braun serves as Creative

Director/Co-Founder, Barrett Slagle as Audio Producer/Co-Founder, and Jason Milov as Executive Producer. The team is represented by Circle of Confusion management and is currently focused on original narrative projects for the film, television, and web3 spaces. If you have read this far… Help! Help! Creed is holding us hostage and we are desperate to escape!

About Propagate

Founded in 2015 by Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens, who pioneered the global format business in the late 1990s, Propagate has offices in Los Angeles, New York and Paris. Its recent credits “Rebelde Way” for Netflix, “UNTOLD” for Netflix, the FOX drama “Our Kind of People,” starring Yaya DaCosta and Morris Chestnut, “Animals on the Loose: A You vs. the Wild Interactive Movie,” starring Bear Grylls for Netflix, “Escape the Undertaker,” an interactive movie starring WWE superstars for Netflix, “Notre Dame: Our Lady of Paris” for ABC and “Go-Big Show” on TBS, and the upcoming “American Song Contest” on NBC, as well as the unscripted “November 13: Attack on Paris” “Haunted” and “Prank Encounters” for Netflix, and “In Search Of” and “Kings of Pain” for the History Channel. In scripted, “Blood and Treasure” and “Broke” for CBS, “Charmed” for The CW, “Let’s Be Real” for Fox and the upcoming “Zorro” television series for NBC. Propagate also created and produced the podcast, “An Oral History of The Office” for Spotify. Propagate’s expanding portfolio of companies includes Electus (“You vs. Wild”, “Running Wild With Bear Grylls,” “Jane the Virgin,” “Fashion Star”), Big Breakfast (“Adam Ruins Everything”, “Hot Date”), Notional (“Chopped” franchise), and talent management firms Artists First, Authentic Talent & Literary Management and Select Management Group.

About Bitski

At Bitski, we’ve been powering the commerce layer for the metaverse since 2018. We want it to be easy for anyone to own, sell and use digital creations, whether it be one-of-a-kind AR sneakers, digital collectibles, or special in-game gear. Bitski’s platform allows creators, brands, and virtual worlds to easily integrate into (and monetize) the metaverse while streamlining the process of onboarding their communities through our user-friendly and secure wallet. Visit bitski.com to get started.


What is Alien Chicken NFT?

Alien Chicken NFT is your home for all things CryptoCreed. What started as a voicemail eventually evolved into an NFT project that pushes the boundaries of digital storytelling and Web 3.0 technology.

How can you get a piece of CryptoCreed?

So you want to join the Cult of Creed? There are many versions of CryptoCreed available now on bitski.com and secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. Here at Alien Chicken NFT, we believe in a cluck for your buck, so each NFT drop we release will give you the opportunity to experience exclusive perks and fun add-ons.

Why is Creed doing this?

While some might call Creed an American treasure, he believes he is more of an American trinket. On top of that, Creed has always been comfortable with people playing with him. That’s where CryptoCreed comes in. Creed’s life has always involved blurring reality and fiction, and the digital sphere was the next logical step in his journey. Blockchain technology provides an opportunity to be truly creative without the fear of network overlords, and it gives us normal humans the chance to finally roam the weird and wacky mind of Creed Bratton. And hey, if we’re being frank… Creed has always wanted to scam the world.

Who is behind Alien Chicken NFT?

The people you hear shouting in the background and cutting open Creed are the wonderful teams behind Alien Chicken NFT – Open the Portal and Propagate Content’s incubator Sidecar. The Alien Chicken NFT Team Members (or TACNFTTM as they like to be called) are committed to the physical dismemberment of Creed Bratton and will continue to perform digital experimentation on his shiny new avatar until he (or the law) forces them to stop. You can check out their work at opentheportal.com and propagatecontent.com.

When is the next drop?

Creed’s journey into the metaverse will unfold through a series of exciting drops over the next six months. What will he do next? Any of the following scenarios may or may not be true: Creed will amass a following of true alien chickens harvested from space, Creed will metamorphosize into an omnipresent and omnipotent being, Creed will dedicate his digital lifespan to ski ballet, Creed will learn the secrets of the perfect sandwich, Creed will finally begin his career on the Dark Web. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know more.

Did you really burn Creed?

…Did we?

What does human flesh smell like?

Oddly, Creed’s flesh smelled a lot like burning clay.

Was Creed Bratton ever really human?

It’s said that the real Creed Bratton went into hiding decades ago, and what we see now is an animatronic version of the original.

Did Creed really kill someone?

DM us.

Are the chickens on Earth not of alien descent?

We’ve been wondering that ourselves. They do look weird.

If an actor was hired to play Creed Bratton’s human form, who would it be?

Jeff Bezos. Oh, did you say actor?

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