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Kine Protocol Quiz Answers: Galxe Kine Protocol Airdrop Details

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Kine Protocol has launched its 2nd round of airdrop on Galxe platform. You can mint free rewards for joining the Kine protocol airdrop. To get the reward you need to complete a few tasks which include quizzes as well.

kine is a newly launched decentralized exchange that allows users to get the benefit of features like on-chain staking, zero gas fee, lower slippage for derivative trading, etc. Kine Exchange can be used on different networks including Eth, Bnb, Polygon, and Avalanche.

Kine is backed by investors & projects like Galxe, Spartan, OKX, Blockchain Capital, CMS, Divergence, NGC Ventures, etc.

To join airdrop kindly visit this link: https://galxe.com/KineProtocol/campaign/GCmjsUwD7g

You have to complete the following tasks in order to receive your free airdrop rewards.

  • Go to this link https://galxe.com/KineProtocol/campaign/GCmjsUwD7g
  • Sign in using your wallet
  • Connect Twitter
  • Twitter mentioned tweets
  • Connect Discord & join the discord channel
  • Again make retweets on Twitter
  • Complete Quiz

That’s all and now you are ready to get 2 OAT for completing your tasks.

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Kine Protocol Quiz Answers

Q1. What is Kine’s slogan? x
Answer: DeFi as your way

Q2.What types of tradings does Kine have?
Answer: Derivatives trading, Copy trading

Q3. The minimum withdrawal amount on Kine is 20U
Answer: False

Q4. How to download Kine APP?
Answer: Go to Kine official website and download

Q5. What’s the new zero-fee trading asset on Kine in December?
Answer: XRP

Q6. Which of the following chains are supported by Kine?

BNB Chain

Q7. The Kine membership is currently divided into 4 levels
Answer: False

Q8. Which is the exclusive privilege of Kine Gold membership?
Answer: Loyalty Point Airdrop

Q9. What are the elements that determine the level of membership?

Trading volume
Daily check-in times
The Exp. points

Q10. Will users receive LP airdrop after the membership upgrade?
Answer: Yes

Q11. Where to check the LP amount?
Answer: At Misson Center

Q12. What’s the $KINE contract address on Ethereum Chain?
Answer: 0xCbfef8fdd706cde6F208460f2Bf39Aa9c785F05D

Q13. What assets does Kine support for depositing?


Q14. What’s the maximum leverage of $MATIC and $Doge on Kine?
Answer: 50x, 50x

Q15. In the Mission Center Returning Task, how much LP could a participant win up to?
Answer: 10,000 LP

Q16. In the Feedback Campaign, how much LP could you get by leaving meaningful feedback?
Answer: 500 LP

Q17. Who was the first footballer to score at 5 different World Cups?
Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo

Q18. Morocco becoming the first African nation to reach a World Cup semi-final by beating____
Answer: Portugal

Q19. How many footballs can you find?
Answer: 4

Q20. Which of the following is not an OAT issued by Kine?
Answer: c

Q21. Where does Santa Claus live?
Answer: The North Pole

Q22. The song “All I Want for Christmas Is You” was released in which year?
Answer: 1989

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