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Eigenlayer Airdrop Guide Session 2: How To Earn More Eigen Points

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If you tried to join EigenLayer airdrop but didn’t get much success in season 1 phase 1 then you need to follow the proper method to get more Eigen points. You still have a chance to join other rounds of EigenLayer Airdrop.

EigenLayer has allocated 15% of the supply for the airdrop for all rounds, in their first round which is Season 1 Phase 1, 6.05% of the total tokens were allocated to this round which ended on 15 March. 0.70% will be airdropped in phase 2 of season 1.

The rest of the 8.25% will be airdropped in different seasons.

EigenLayer is a protocol built on Ethereum that introduces restaking, a new primitive in crypto economic security. This primitive enables the reuse of ETH on the consensus layer. Users that stake ETH natively or with a liquid staking token (LST) can opt-in to EigenLayer smart contracts to restake their ETH or LST and extend crypto economic security to additional applications on the network to earn additional rewards.

What To Do?

It is simple, the more activity you perform and the more Ethereum you stake, you will get more points. It is a bit hard to find the list of trusted protocols that support EigenLayer.

  • Stake more Ethereum
  • Interact with ecosystem projects

Where To Earn EigenLayer Points?

Following are the platforms where you can stake your Ethereum and Earn points. Not only EigenLayer points you will also earn some other points as well.


With EtherFi more than 1.44 million Ethereum are staked on EtherFi which yields 3.29%. You will earn Eigenlayer points and EtherFi points.

They aim to bolster Ethereum’s decentralization by simplifying non-custodial staking. While recognizing the complexities of staking, we strive to enable participation for all users. Achieving decentralization requires a collective effort, with individuals contributing diverse skills to the network.

According to data if you stake 1 Ethereum then you will earn 10000 EtherFi points daily and around 200 EIGEN points daily. Join using the referral link to get 100 points as a bonus.

Points To Earn? EtherFi and Eigen points

Lyra Finance

Lyra is launching a yield product that can automate and package up any yield-bearing derivatives trade into a composable erc20, starting with the basis trade and covered calls on EigenLayer and LRTs.

Lyra is the feature-complete derivative of DEX. Trade options and perpetual with cross-asset collateral, cross-margin, portfolio margin, and the superpower of self-custody.

To join the Lyra Finance airdrop you need to use the invite code “ZGWA5”. You will get 250 points for every $1 of the trading fee you pay. If you deposit $100 and hold for an hour then you will get 1 point.

Points To Earn? Lyra and Eigen points

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Thruster Airdrop

Built by degens, for degens. Thruster is a DEX for the best builders, yield seekers, and traders on Blast. We’re backed by DeFi founders & top Blast investors.

Thruster is backed by POantera, OKX, Mirana, ParaFi, Rarestone, Arche Fund, Caladan, Dewhales, and more.

Points To Earn? Eigen points, Thruster Points, Blast Points, and Blast Gold

Juice Finance Airdrop

JUICE is a permissionless lending protocol that allows users to access up to 3x leverage on their collateral to use in the most well-vetted & popular DApps in the Blast ecosystem. JUICE is designed to help users accumulate.

You can use the following Juice Finance invite code “62eb7d” to become part of the platform.

Points To Earn? Eigen points, JuiceFinance Points, Blast Points, Blast Gold, Hyperlock points, Thruster, and EtherFi points


KimExchange is quite popular in this airdrop era. Kim has been built as a highly efficient and customizable protocol, allowing both builders and users to leverage our custom infrastructure for deep, sustainable, and adaptable liquidity.

Kim moves beyond the traditional design of DEXs to focus on offering a custom approach that prioritizes the community and ecosystem. By leveraging Mode’s unique approach to sequencer fee sharing, Kim is able to provide projects with greater incentives.

They have points rewarding or airdrop that will run till October 2024 which means you can earn points for supplying or making contributions to the platform.

Points To Earn? Eigen points, Mode points, and KIM Points


Ionic is a decentralized non-custodial money market protocol, supported by comprehensive security monitoring and failsafe systems. Ionic gives users complete control over their funds by providing the best interest rates on Mode Network.

With a meticulously designed tokenomics model, Ionic aims for robust and long-lasting growth, cultivating exemplary conduct among all participants for the collective benefit of every stakeholder.

The best pools are the wrsETH, ezETH, weETH, and STONE.

Points To Earn? Ionic, Tutle, Mode, Kelp, and Eigenlayer


Wand is a structured asset protocol that generates two different risk assets: one is stablecoins, which aim for a risk coefficient β=0 stability, and the other is margin tokens, which increase market volatility. Wand achieves this by pooling vaults they can make these two structured assets into standardized assets.

Supply weETH, USDB, and Eth to earn airdrop points.

Points To Earn? EigenLayer, Blast, EtherFi, and Wand point

Other Platforms To Earn Airdrop Points

  • Sturdy Finance:- https://v2.sturdy.finance/overview
  • Cantago:- https://app.contango.xyz/
  • Ecosystem:- https://www.eigenlayer.xyz/ecosystem you can find the list of other protocols that support Eigenlayer Airdrop

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