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Crypto Games: A New Gaming Experience On The Internet!

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The possibilities to pay with cryptocurrencies are increasing and especially on the Internet, there are many offers that can be paid with Bitcoin and Co. A recent trend is online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies. This means that online can be gambled in casinos and the bet consists of crypto money.

If you are looking for a recommendable online casino, then it is recommended to read the Bitstarz review on Casino.Guide. So cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular and accepted, which is why it won’t be long before you can pay with digital currencies everywhere.

At the moment, there is another interesting trend on the crypto market, which has to do with video games. This mainly involves a payment system within computer games. There are currently more and more video games that rely on so-called in-game purchases, which means that players can buy things within the game world with real money. This trend is called Crypto Games, and you can find out exactly what it is in this article.

What exactly is a Crypto Game?

In video games, digital currencies act as a means of payment for in-game purchases. Another way to use digital currencies in games are so-called NFTs. NFT means Non-Fungible Token and refers to a virtual coin that cannot be exchanged. An NFT is therefore not exchangeable for a value like a Bitcoin, but can only be used in the game for a purpose.

For example, weapons or equipment are purchased in a game world and cannot be exchanged back afterward. They then serve as virtual currency within a closed game world, so to speak. Accordingly, it is also possible to use cryptocurrencies for games other than online gambling. But these types of games also work in the other direction. That is, players are rewarded in the form of cryptocurrency when they reach certain levels or solve tasks. This also allows cryptos to be mined and traded.

In addition to this use as a currency system in the games themselves, the blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, can also be used in games. The blockchain then acts like a very secure database that stores the game data as well as the score of the video games. Additionally, this would allow games that have already been purchased to be cataloged in a library.

The blockchain could also be used to purchase new games, confirming that a player has bought a game and that it belongs to them. In addition, a reward system using the blockchain is conceivable, rewarding particularly eager and good players. This would then work via smart contracts, which automatically reward players for certain completed tasks.

Crypto Games or Blockchain Games?

Crypto games are characterized by the fact that players can buy in-game items for cryptocurrency or get cryptocurrency for certain tasks. Blockchain Games, on the other hand, are so special because they use the Blockchain as a technology to make the game better. The blockchain is a good thing for players because it allows them to always keep track of what they own in a game, for example, or what they have traded in a game.

The biggest advantage to using the blockchain is the tremendous transparency and security that comes with it. Players can completely rely on the data stored in the blockchain. They get their earned rewards just as safely. Most importantly, everything is decentralized and not stored and managed on a large server in a physical location as it was before.

Which Crypto Games are recommended?

There are a lot of crypto games on the Internet and the choice can be quite difficult. For this reason, various crypto games that are worth playing are presented here.

Spells of Genesis

This is a classic role-playing game that is one of the most impressive Crypto Games in the RPG category. The game is also completely free and was released before many other crypto games. Thus, it is a first-generation crypto game and has already provided many players around the world with great hours in front of the PC.

Various games are combined in Spells of Genesis, for example, arcade games and classic collectible card games find their way into this great crypto game. This game uses blockchain technology, as described above.

With the help of this technology, players in Spells of Genesis can then collect orbs and then also exchange them in the game. As a reward, players receive various upgrades to their decks. With these, they can advance in the game and unlock new levels.


MegaCryptoPolis is a game that relies on Ethereum and uses its blockchain. The game is extremely successful, so more than a million could be made per month with the game. This fact alone should make this game an interesting pastime.

It is about a decentralized world that is built by the player in the form of a city. The player’s task is to trade land in order to earn money. The task is to build his own city, organize and manage it. This game is definitely worth testing.

Dark Forest

In Dark Forest, the player has the task of exploring the universe and exploring alien planets. It is a classic real-time strategy game that leaves the player to decide whether he wants to be a brawling pirate of the universe or rather an explorer.

The graphics of the game are not 4k graphics that will captivate you, but that is not what this game is about. Here, blockchain technology has been used to mine with the computer’s chip to profit from it.

EOS Knight

EOS’s blockchain is very popular and well-known all over the world. The main focus here is on decentralized applications. The game EOS Knight uses this blockchain technology and is available for the browser as well as smartphones.

You play a knight who fights against evil and can collect various items with the blockchain. Even though this game is still one of the lesser-known crypto games, it is definitely worth a test run. Who wouldn’t want to be a knight of the crypto scene?

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