This article is, especially for Bounty hunters. There are so many Bounty campaigns are running some of them are trusted, scams and some of them are failed. It’s very hard to select best and trusted bounty campaign. Sometimes, some bounty campaigns look legit till their ICO end but after they raised fund they run away with those raised money.

Bounty campaigns are the best and fastest way to make a huge amount of money with risk. Almost all bounty campaigns are paying in their own Coin or Token. You can’t withdraw your Coins or Token until that tokens not get listed on any exchange site. Joining bounty campaigns don’t require much knowledge or time, well time depends on the type of campaigns.

Note: Different campaigns different rules. Never share your wallets Private Key. Don’t use the same password in many accounts or sites. Don’t install unwanted and unknown apps. Always check websites url before doing any action on them. Don’t try to spam bounties campaigns if you do then they will knock you out. Must read rules of every campaign.

Where can find Bounty campaigns?

You can find all bounty campaigns here on our website and as well as on BitcoinTalk forum’s Bounties section.  We are highlighting best and trusted bounties campaigns on our site.

Requirements to Join:

BitcoinTalk forum’s account at least member rank account.

Your comments or posts should write in a proper way with proper English.

Twitter account with at least 200 followers.

FaceBook account with at least 100 friends.

Own Blog or website also you can use free blog platforms like medium and steemit.

Ethereum ERC20 based wallet, I suggest using MyEtherWallet (MEW)

Waves based wallet I suggest to use

Must have an account on exchanges site to exchange your tokens or bounty rewards in BTC or in any other coin.

Telegram, Discord and Slack account. Download their apps for easy work.

Types of Bounty Campaign:

Signature campaign.

Social media campaign.

Translation campaign.

Media and Blog campaign and others.


How to join in detail with an example of  NTOK’s bounty campaign. We are not promoting NTOK ICO, we just taken for example purpose. 

Signature Campaign: This is one of the highest paying bounty campaign types. High-rank high pay. You must at least member rank of the forum to join. You just need to wear signature codes on your profile to join any companies bounty campaign.

Steps to join: this is the only example.

If you want to join NTOK’s signature campaign.

Visit their Bounty page.

Find signature campaign details.

Check your profile rank, if you are hero member then choose hero member signature.

Copy signature code and past that on your profile here. You can also add an avatar on the same page. And follow their rules.

Social Media: This campaign reserved second highest amount of funds. Social Media campaign is also divided into many subparts. It includes Facebook campaign, Twitter campaign, LinkdIn, Reddit and etc. Your twitter and facebook account must have more than 200 followers or friends. Rewards depend on followers and friend more followers or friends then more rewards.


How to join:

Here we are taking an example of twitter and facebook campaign only.


Submit your registration here. Follow them on twitter. Tweet about them or retweet their tweets. Read rules and follow them.


Apply here to join in. Follow and like NTOK official page.  Like and share the official posts. Read rules and follow them.


Just join their official telegram group and be active in that. Don’t forget to fill out this form to apply.

Translation campaign:  This section allowed the small amount of fund but an individual can earn lots of them, why? Let’s assume there was a fund of (10% of the total fund is 100 000)  and 10 translators. So 10% of the total fund is 10,000$ and participants are only 10 so every individual participant will get 1000$ for translation. But here task is not much easy and competition is more.There are already many translators available.

Don’t use any type of translator device or site. If you do you will get Red feedback which is very bad for long term work.

How to join:

Fill out this form. You may get PM or telegram message (some bounties have the spreadsheet to track application). Submit your work within given time.  Don’t use google translator or any same site.

Media and Blog campaigns: If you have own blog or writing skill then this is the best campaign to earn some free bucks and improve your skill. Also if you have own youtube channel then you can publish video on that, also you can use Dailymotion or the similar site.

How to join:

Write an article on your site or publish video on your channel. Articles must at least 500 words and written in proper english. After writing article or publishing video use this form to submit your work. Rewards are based on your audience and visitors.

Other campaigns: There are many other campaigns are hosted by company or bounty managers. Like Miscellaneous, Meme creator campaign, banner campaign (adding banners on site), bug campaign (find the bug and send a report to the company) and many others bounty campaigns.

Where to check your application?

Almost all bounty campaigns are using google form to accept application’s and they automatically add participants data in google spreadsheet which is connected to google form. In case NTOK has also all in one spreadsheet. Some campaigns have a separate spreadsheet and some of them have data for all bounties in one spreadsheet.

What to remember while selecting Bounty Campaign?

Most people get attract from the design of website or thread and they decide to join that bounty campaign. Sometimes they join specific bounty campaign because of high rewards but at the end of campaigns they may get scammed or they not get the whole amount of money or bounty campaigns failed ICO and many other reasons.

There are many things to remember while choosing proper bounty campaign. The first thing is that Team of the project. If they project don’t have proper or experienced team mates then there are chances that project may get dumbbed on way. As we are taking the example of NTOK bounty I would like to show you about the team of NTOK project. Project owners are looks trusted and experienced you can check their linkedin profiles. ANDREW KRAVETS  &  MAX SHEKHOVTSOV for other team info you can find details on specific bounty website.

The second thing is Idea of the project. If you don’t have a unique idea or you are cloning someone else’s work then people are not going to join you. To know about the project you need to visit their whitepaper most of the bounty companies are writing about their project in the whitepaper.

Bounty campaign is the third factor which you need to analyze before joining any bounty. The things which you need to analyse is that who is managing campaign, campaign is managing in proper way ( their are many bounty campaigns which are running in very poor state), budget and currency of bounty some bounty campaigns are  paying payment in BTC or ETH which are already available in market but most of the campaigns are paying in their own token which will available in exchange market only if ICO get success.

The effort of team member needs to mention here. If any campaigns official website or social media pages are not updating then it’s not worth to join that type of bounty campaign.

Partners of the campaign, like NTOK, has a partnership with ICOBOX a leading ICO consultant web service provider.


Why do you need to select trusted bounty campaigns?

Stopping and avoiding a scam is our responsibility we need to stop scammers. If you promote every project and even you know that this or this project is may scam. You will not get paid for this but people appreciate your work and you. You also save your time.






Blockchain technologies present opportunities for disruptive innovation. It enables global business transactions with less friction and more trust. The revolution in the financial sector is inevitable, and FastInvest is on the very edge of it all along with the crypto-community.

FastInvest is growing the platform to another infrastructure on the blockchain- technology to offer a more extensive scope of financial products. We are making a computerized managing an accounting framework, organizing the venture segment to enable individuals to create secure and stable easy revenue streams, and along these lines accomplish financial freedom. FastInvest will provide investment solutions, which are not the same as traditional investment. Investment solutions, for example, private equity, real estate, and other finance products, we need to make an exquisite, instinctive and direct contrasting option to our everyday banking habits, avoiding the convoluted bureaucracy mechanism.

We are creating a crypto community, allowing people to move money at a low cost and high processing speed. Platform users will have an opportunity to invest, borrow, exchange in both crypto and fiat currencies without having technical knowledge of crypto and blockchain technology, thus making Fast Invest a user-friendly, reliable, secure and accessible global platform.

FastInvest guarantees that all parts of client experience meet the most noteworthy models of service excellence. To this end, we are concentrating on giving our clients the best user experience in the banking sector.

Business model

FastInvest is an operating online investment commercial center which enables its individuals to invest in consumer-based loans. Today we have 8500+ satisfied daily clients crosswise over Europe, alongside 50+ workers. Fast-Invest constructs a reasonable and versatile model of investment which does not require customary bank support, and which empowers our investors to develop their venture portfolio, acquiring automated revenue faster and less demanding than in regular credit foundations. We offer our customers to invest in granted loans with the yearly return of 8% to 15% interest rate.

FastInvest is different from our competitors because we have the lowest entry point in the P2P investment market. You can start investing with as little as only 1 Euro, US dollar, Pound sterling or Polish zloty. No rush, no stress, no risk, and no bureaucracy. We do not limit how much money a user can invest using our platform. The novel technology allows us to cut expenses and to adapt to customer needs that traditional banks cannot avoid. We use the latest Internet Technology to reduce our costs and give the means for our customer to earn more.

FastInvest does not have a secondary market for investment trading. If at any time our clients decide to stop investing, we are obligated to buy back the investment in 1 day.

How Does Fast Invest Work

  • Borrower Receives a Loan
  • Servicing Loans
  • Borrower Makes Regular Repayments
  • Receive Repayments

Two types of investments will be available. The first is investing in cryptocurrency itself; the second is crypto-proved loan investment. Investment in cryptocurrency varies because of the crypto-market activity, while crypto-proved loan investment generates passive income.

FastInvest Tokens

A FastInvest token is a key to the crypto community asset. To become a Fast Invest Premium crypto-account member, you need to get a minimum of 1000 FastInvest tokens. The first 1000 members with will be awarded Fast Invest Special Edition payment cards. Only crypto account members will have access to every crypto product, presented in this article. The community has a limited membership.

Visit their whitepaper and announcement page for more information.


For years, a worldwide trend has been growing, which is in fact the growth of the car market. This growth comes together with a high demand for towing services, which is a market of about 26 billion dollars already. This markt hasn’t been automated worldwide, so this leaves some space for a new player in the towing market: CarTaxi.

Cartaxi is a revolutionary solution to this demand for towing services. CarTaxi aims to automate the towing away of cars through blockchain technology. Many countries or specific areas inside of countries do not have efficient, fast and safe car towing services, making CarTaxi a true gamechanger.


One of the first things that comes to mind, is: “How the heck is this going to be done? Blockchain in a Car Towing service?”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, with Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain ofcourse! If you’re in need of a towing service, all you have to do, is open the app, enter your car’s information, be appointed the right towing service, after which you only have to choose between sending the money with a credit card or paying with cash and then you simply wait for the towing service to arrive. In the meantime, a smart contract on the ethereum blockchain will be made, which will only release funds after the towing service is completed. 10-20% of the money goes to the CarTaxi company, as fees. Soon, you will also be able to pay with CTX tokens. More information about this is avaiable on

Simplified, it would look like this:


If your car breaks down and you can’t fix it quickly by yourself, you can use CarTaxi to get the right towing service, by simply entering some information, after which the rest is handled by the Smart Contract and the Towing Service. The payment can currently only be done with cash & card, but CTX tokens will be accepted soon too.

Does it work?

Now we know that the plan is quite reasonable… In theory! But does it really work in reality aswell? That’s the hard part of the whole plan ofcourse (Which is found on, where it is explained a bit more in detail). So will CarTaxi succeed in that too?

It already has! Earlier this year, it was released in Russia already and it definitely works over there. With over 33,000 registered clients and 6700 suppliers, it’s more than just a “theoretic project”… It really works!

And that is whilst CarTaxi has only been known in Russia for a few months.. With plans to expand to the Chinese and American markets and after that into the rest of the world, CarTaxi has a great future ahead.

How do I obtain CTX tokens?

Tokens can be obtained in the Pre-ICO, the ICO and soon they will be avaiable through other means aswell. Sadly, the Pre-ICO is over already, but luckily the ICO hasn’t started yet. The ICO will give more tokens to early investors and to people who invest larger amounts of ETH.

The ICO will offer almost 500 million CTX tokens (about 67% of the total), which will cost 0.000443 ETH per token at first, but you can get a bonus of up to 30% if you invest more than 1000 ETH on the first day of the ICO.

More information about the ICO can be found on the site:, which also contains a useful calculator that shows the possible and expected profits of the project in a nice graph. The ICO is starting in 4 days, so be quick!

Is it wort hit to invest in CarTaxi?

In my honest opinion: Hell yes! Like I mentioned earlier, the car towing market has a value of about 26 billion dollars. CarTaxi aims to dominate 20% of this market, which comes down to about 5 billion dollars. With a total of about 750 million tokens, there is a potential for each token to grow to a value of multiple dollars and even more if the market grows above 26 billion, which is very likely, or if CarTaxi’s market dominance rises above 20%.

And besides all that, CarTaxi will also pay dividends, which means even more profit! On the site (, there is a calculator, which shows you the possible profits and dividends.

The Team

Lead by CEO Taras Semenov, CIO Alexey Tayanchin, CFO Gala Kovaleva, and CMO Ksenia Moller, the team looks quite professional and capable of leading this project to succes. The company has multiple offices, which include some in Russia, China and more. View the whole team on their site:


In short, this means that CarTaxi really is a capable project. A market of 26 billion dollars, in which a company, that is already becoming quite known and succesful, is claiming its share. Although the company is mostly known in Russia at the moment, CarTaxi has progressive plans of providing this modern service to the American and Chinese markets soon and later on, the rest of the world will have to cope with it aswell.

Contact Link




BitcoinTalk Bounty




oneK is Ethereum based ERC20 standard token  with “very low market supply”, less supply more demand. Here K means kilo ( thousand), the total suppply of oneK token is 1000 tokens only. The main purpose why oneK is in market is no FUD ( Fear, Uncertainity and Doubt). oneK token is available at very low price at ICO (1 oneK = 0.125 ETH or 1 ETH = 8 oneK). ICO starts on 13th september and will end on 28th september 2017. The target to raise funds in ICO is 100 ETH. The funds will use for development, listing on exchanges (like cryptopia) and marketing and small portion of ICO fund willl be used to set up buy wall to ensure your investment with good ROI.

You can get your oneK tokens by joining their bounty campaign or by buying in ICO. For more details about how to join in ICO was available on official announcement thread.

Token Specification:

Algorithm: ETH token ERC20

Maximum Supply: 1000 tokens

Contract Address (verify this address through official ann thread):  0xb23be73573bc7e03db6e5dfc62405368716d28a8  

Symbol: ONEK

Decimals: 18


ICO Fund Allocation:

Contact Link: