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HolyTransaction – The Lightning Fast Way To Buy, Sell and Hold Cryptocurrency

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The last 18 months have seen phenomenal growth in the cryptocurrency market. From a Covid led ‘crash’ in March 2020 to a new all-time high in May 2021 the demand for cryptocurrency continues apace. This has left many people wondering ‘is it too late?’ or ‘have I missed the party?’.

Well, fear not. By all accounts, the cryptocurrency market is just warming up and if recent economic conditions are anything to go by another mountainous climb could be just around the corner.

So where is the best place to buy and store cryptocurrency? The majority of cryptocurrencies are bought at a professional trading exchange. However, for the first-time buyer, such places can seem complicated, intimidating, and prone to attack. Therefore, there is increasing demand in the marketplace for easy-to-use, ultra-secure, and flexible places where beginners can trade, hold, send or receive their newly purchased cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a look at one of the most popular exchanges right now.


HolyTransaction describes itself as ‘your complete crypto-exchange marketplace’ and is available in both desktop and mobile app formats. The layout has been designed for beginners in mind and the interface is clean, user-friendly, and easy to understand.

Users can purchase up to 40 of the top range and most popular cryptocurrencies on the market today by simply depositing fiat or buying crypto directly with a credit card. It has never been easier.

The sign-on process is relatively straight forward and users can have cryptocurrency in their integrated wallet within minutes of completing the registration process.

The site provides everything the modern cryptocurrency investor needs including an online exchange for trading, an integrated wallet for storage, and staking services for passive income.

The platform security is first-rate with regular product updates leading to an excellent reputation across the crypto field.

Latest news

Earlier last week HolyTransaction.com were pleased to report the successful integration of Lightning Network to the HolyTransaction online wallet. This essential product upgrade means that sending and receiving Bitcoin from HolyTranaction is 10x faster and cheaper than it used to be.

Transactions are now finalized in 1-3 seconds and cost as little as $0.01 as opposed to the 10 minutes and average $2 that users experienced before. Adopting Lightning Network will make HolyTransaction more attractive to those customers who wish to send larger transactions with added security for a much lower cost and at super-fast speed.

Many crypto users view Lightning Network as an evolutionary step in the journey for Bitcoin to become the world’s premier financial payment network.


The adoption of Lightning Network by HolyTransaction shows that this is a platform that takes the market seriously and that it is still early days for the cryptocurrency market in general. The people who take the plunge and choose to invest today still have a fantastic opportunity to make significant returns on their original investment.

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