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Download NanoMiner: Legit & Official Source To Download

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Want to download NanoMiner? Don’t know where to download it? Many sites claim to be official miner websites, but we know that not all sites are legit or official.

Fake websites do share phishing links and their software might contain viruses or malware which can steal your personal information including your wallet’s private keys.

Before going to check how to download and from where to download NanoMiner it is important to know more about Nanominer, like what is Nanominer and everything else about NanoMiner.

About NanoMiner

NanoMiner was developed and released by the Nanopool team, NanoPool is one of the most popular mining pools since 2017. The NanoMiner was first announced in late 2018 on the BitcoinTalk forum.

It is used to mine different cryptocurrencies based on KawPow, Etchash, Ethash, RandomX, ERGO, Verushash, Ubqhash, Octopus, and Cuckaroo30 algorithms.

Why You Should Use NanoMiner?

There are many reasons why one should use NanoMiner, let’s check out each of the major reasons behind NanoMiner’s success.

If you are an AMD miner then you are free to use on AMD or if you are a Nvidia miner then they are able to serve with that as well. Not suggested but they have CPU miners as well.

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It allows you to mine different mining at the same time, you can use nanominer to mine RandomX on CPU, or Ethereum, ravencoin, ETC, Conflux, monero, etc on GPUs without losing your performance.

They have high KawPow on AMD, and they have added the best implementation of the KawPow algorithm for 3+ GB AMD GPUs with the lowest possible CPU usage.

It has in-built overclock coreClocks and memClocks for Nvidia cards on Windows. You will get stats like GPU temperature, power consumption, average hash rate, and more.

Nano Miner’s Fee

Yes, there is a fee on Nanominer, and it’s worth of because of their valuable software. The fee is taken off from your mining every 2 hours of runtime.

There are three different layers of fees disclosed by the team on the forum.  The CPU users will have to pay 3% for RandomHash, if you are using on Cuckaroo29 algorithm then the fee will be 2%, and at last, the common miners like Ethash, Ubqhas, and CryptoNight algorithms will have to pay a 1% fee only.

Download NanoMiner

First of all, you should use official websites or sources only to download any software or miners.

Official links of nanominers are as follows.

You can download for Windows x64 or for Linux from their website or Github.

There are some sites claiming or seem like official websites but they are not. Some of these websites are https://nanominer.info. This website is might be a scam or may contain malware, use it at your own risk.

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