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Bubblext Review – Is Bubblext Scam or a Trusted Broker?

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It goes without saying that the global pandemic is responsible for the financial downfall of most companies and countries. Even the stock market recently reached record lows in the past few months.

However, despite these record downfalls, I am not surprised to see the financial market bounce back in a considerable way. Cryptocurrencies, for the most part, have fueled this revitalization of the financial market. Even with record lows, the crypto market has been doing very well throughout these past months.  

In fact, many people have turned to the financial market in a time of rising unemployment and lockdowns. And with so many people taking their first steps into the financial market, they will need a broker to help them trade. 

Financial Options Available

Bubblext is a brokerage firm that offers a very robust selection of investment and trading opportunities. You may be wondering why you need a broker in the first place. Simply put, brokers are the bridge that connects you to your trading opportunities. And with their help, you can make smart and educated financial decisions. 

Your key financial decision will be choosing one of the three financial options that Bubblext offers. These three assets include Stocks, forex, and Cryptocurrency. 


Let’s start off with the most popular asset every broker offers, stocks. These stocks can offer very promising returns and allow investors to have a stake in a company. Therefore, if you buy enough stock, you can become part-owner of the company. 

While it is certainly a great option in terms of its returns, it is also very volatile. Stock prices can skyrocket and fall within the span of a day, making it very risky. But if the company that you invest in does a good job, you can expect significant returns. 


Next, we have Forex trading, which is one of the biggest financial markets in the entire world. You can trade in various currency, and hold onto it as an asset. When your traded currency moves to the position that you hoped, you can convert it into your local currency. 

A major concern that traders have before dealing in Forex is whether the broker is trading legally. Although trading Forex is not illegal, some brokers who trade in Forex do so by not following certain laws. With that being said, Bubblext trades Forex while following necessary laws. 


Finally, the last asset that Bubblext offers is cryptocurrency. The first thing that you need to understand about Cryptos is that they are not stocks. When buying a certain cryptocurrency you are not buying part ownership of any company. Instead, you will be buying their product. 

Trading cryptocurrency is very similar to trading Forex, where traders can trade in their currency of choice for a profit gain. These currencies work in various online stores, allowing you to use them as they are as well. 

Bubblext offers popular cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Ethereum, and BitCoin. 

Various Account Types

Bubblext, similar to most brokers, offers traders various accounts to trade through. These accounts come with various perks and tools, allowing traders on each level to reach their fullest potential. So depending on the amount that you deposit, you will have varying tools to work with.  

Bubblext Silver Account 

The silver account is the starting account for traders, with a minimum deposit of $10,000. While this may certainly seem like a lot, it actually contains plenty of features that make up for the increased price. 

It offers a basic training center to help you learn more about trading in general, as well as 24/7 customer support. Customer support can answer any questions that you might have about the service itself. You also receive 1 on 1 basic training along with the trading news and a maximum trading size of 100 lots. 

Bubblext Gold Account

Gold account is the second tier of account types that Bubblext offers users. The gold account requires a minimum deposit of $25,000 and comes with all of the features of the silver account and much more. 

The key difference between the silver and gold accounts is the personal account manager. The gold account’s personal account manager helps with various aspects of your account. Of course, this account caters more to traders that know their way around the market. They have a deep understanding of trading and are very good at trading. 

Moreover, they will also have 400 more lots than the silver account, giving traders 500 lots in total. 

Platinum Account 

The platinum account is the second highest account type available for traders. The platinum account requires a minimum deposit of $50,000 to take advantage of its features. 

It comes equipped with all of the features of the previous account, with a few more to boot. There are no withdrawal fees when you have the platinum account, as well as no swap commission or minimal trading fees. You will also receive a VIP account manager, that will bring a lot more diversity to your account.

Signature Account

This is the highest account type that most traders can have, and requires a minimum deposit of at least $250,000. The signature account offers everything t Bubblext’s disposal. Here you will have a personal session with a market analyst as well as private banking. 

Traders that have a signature account will also have a leverage of 1:300, which puts them at an incredible advantage. They can also receive up to 70% insured contracts, allowing them to reduce their liability. 

Of course, they also have access to all the features found in previous accounts. Therefore, they also have access to trading news, unlimited lots of trading size, a full education center, and a trading algorithm. 

Take the First Step towards Trading At Bubblext

Trading has never been easy, but it will always be very lucrative. Take calculated risks and reap the benefits of your trades and investments. Remember that you will have to take calculated risks in order to make a significant profit. And through a proper broker, you can make smarter and more educated decisions.

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