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AMFEIX Fund Gradually Multiplies Bitcoin Investors’ Net Worth

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Last Updated on August 5, 2019 by cryptocreed

Bitcoin investors keen on increasing their net worth can now enjoy seeing their portfolio multiply, thanks to AMFEIX Digital Asset Management. Through their AMFEIX Fund, the asset management company progressively increases investors’ net worth by offering very lucrative profits from trading with their Bitcoin. With only 0.02 BTC, any investors who want to see their Bitcoin grow can invest with AMFEIX and watch their capital grow.

The company participates in making consistent trades in a couple of chosen crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to fiat pairings.

What makes AMFEIX Different?

Clandestine Investment Process

AMFEIX.com allows investors to clandestinely invest on their platform without the need to provide any personal details. The company enables users to use pseudo-names when creating their wallets.

Easy Investing Procedure

The process of investing with AMFEIX fund is so simple and doesn’t take a lot of time. You create your wallet on their website and, once everything is ready, you can transfer your Bitcoin to your new wallet. Within 24 hours, you will notice that your Bitcoin has reflected on the Funds page of the platform.

Uncompromised Site Security

AMFEIX uses very stringent security controls to limit any incidents of hacking on the platform.

First, to safeguard the site from third parties, it is built on an Ethereum platform – which is decentralized, thereby enabling peer to peer transactions only with no room for third parties.

Second, the site uses cold storage to secure any funds on the website that are not trading actively. Cold storage is one of the best ways of safeguarding funds from any attempts that may come from hackers, and it is has proved to be quite resilient.

Third, investors get a 12 worded seed key whenever they create their AMFEIX wallets, which they should always remember. The seed key helps to link and verify any device that attempts to log into an investors’ wallet.

Steadily Compounding Capital

When traders invest with the fund, they can steadily grow their capital by choosing not to withdraw their profits. The profits are reinvested, and this makes their capital to grow progressively.

No Fixed Fees Charged

The asset management firm does not charge any fixed fee for your investments with them. The firm only gets 20% of the trading profits it generates for its investors. As a result, it does the best research to ensure that it makes sufficient profit for its users.

Pleasing Profit Sharing

AMFEIX has a very lucrative profit-sharing arrangement of 2:8, where it takes 20 percent of the earnings while investors remain with 80%.

One-click Withdrawals

For those who intend to withdraw their gains, the procedure is surprisingly effortless. By a click of a button, investors can remove all or a portion of the earning made and, within 24 hours, the funds will be available in their wallets.

Minimal Exposure to the Trading Pool

The firm has a policy of only investing 30-50% of the funds in a pool art a particular time to limit adverse exposure. As a result, investors can be assured that they will never risk their investment in the firm because the strategy minimises on the impact of losses that may occur.

Money-minting Referral Program

AMFEIX.com has a very enticing referral program that investors can use to mint money. By merely referring users to the AMFEIX platform, you are eligible to get 10% of the profits they make from their investments with the firm.

AMFEIX Fund offers investors a platform that will enable them to realize incredible gains on their Bitcoins. Traders can enjoy reaping from their investments in the firm as the professional trading desk of the company does everything for them.

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