One of the most revolutionary technologies of the present era is blockchain technology that plays the key role in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. However, the technology can benefit a host of other industries too. One such industry is healthcare. This technology helps in better management, streamlined processes, and foolproof security. Thus the technology plays a pivotal role in solving some of the most crucial healthcare issues that require collaborative research.

In healthcare, critical information is scattered across multiple systems and sometimes, it may not be accessible when needed the most. The current healthcare infrastructure has often been called inadequate to handle information exchange and requires certain tweaks. Blockchain has gone beyond the “innovation trigger” and is just at the “peak of inflated expectations” according to most recent Gartner Hype Cycle and could perhaps transform how we view healthcare and data together.

Benefits of BlockChain Technology in Healthcare industry

  Effective and cost efficient

Streamlined and hassle-free data sharing across key healthcare providers play a pivotal role by offering the benefits like cost efficient treatments, precise diagnosis and eventually the better cure for various diseases. By utilizing the blockchain, healthcare providers can work simultaneously with the help of networks with enabled shared access. Effective data tracking and powerful security provisions are other purpose-specific features offered by blockchain solutions which are way beyond previous technology.

Powerful monitoring

One of the key issues for ensuring a better healthcare management network is constant, powerful monitoring. As a precise response, the blockchain allows for documenting the transactions in a decentralized record. It enhances precision and brings transparency while at the same time saving the crucial resources like time, costs and efforts.

Better Collaboration

To the great extent, the success of any public health care initiative depends upon the collaboration of various parties involved and deep insights into vital healthcare trends. With the help of distributed ledger technology, it proactively promotes the innovation in the field by empowering key participants to collaborate and group research.

Transparent and organized processes

Healthcare being a crucial industry, it is very important to ensure the well-organized methodology as well as transparent processes. At the same time, the high-end security measures and 100% accuracy is equally, if not more, important. Blockchain technology not only results in integrated healthcare information but also maintains traceable records of distributed data and work. Besides, the public/private key access strongly safeguards the overall security by eliminating chances of data leakage. The blockchain also facilitates tracking the movement of drug from producer to the patient. Apart from ensuring timely supply it also eliminates the chances of counterfeiting.

Easy access and Budget Control

The uninterrupted connectivity with level-based authorization and easy access greatly empowers the providers/researchers. By automating the tedious processes, the blockchain helps the healthcare industry to extract the maximum potential of manpower during different phases and processes. As a result, it enhances the human productivity and increased productivity means better output in a shorter span of time. By enabling slicing the processes into different phases blockchain technology also helps to keep the budget under control, lowers administration costs and allows a better, purpose-specific utilization of allocated funds.

Protection of crucial data

One of the major challenges during the research and development processes is leakage of crucial patient data that can be used for the malicious purposes or vested interests. Another challenge is to ascertain that only the authenticated and most updated version of patient information/diagnosis data available to different parties during different phases.

Equipped with the latest cryptographic features, blockchain technology not only facilitates checking the data authenticity with the help of digital signature but also it helps in offering a foolproof security to the data. Thus it offers the precise solution to the twin issues of trust and security.

A good example would be Stem Cell Innovations.  Stem Cell Innovations focuses on research and development in the field of stem cell science, with the dual purposes of furthering human longevity and expanding access to stem cell treatments through cutting-edge technology. The company is led by co-founders Moe Galal and Ben Barel, and the ultimate goal for the company is to connect people who need treatment with a dedicated team of professionals who can provide personalized solutions based on patient factors and demographics collected in their dual blockchain-supported platform.

Extracting the best benefits

While there are diverse points of digitally collecting the healthcare data, it is even more important to extract the best benefits out of this healthcare data without complicating the processes. For that purpose, the portability of data and uniform compatibility while working across diverse systems, is very important.

Due to its keen focus on streamlined flow, uniform portability, and multi-faceted protection system across different phases, the blockchain perfectly handles diverse present challenges as mentioned above. Collectively it helps in extracting the maximum output from the data collected on diverse levels.

BountyPortals Bounty Management Service


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OneMillionPixels is one of the world’s first games on blockchain technology – a similar leap forward that makes things like Bitcoin & Ethereum possible. Bitcoin & ether are cryptocurrencies, and so do OneMillionPixels. You can purchase or sell your OneMillionPixels to make unique pixel art and attach your connection to it. OneMillionPixels dependably has etheriancia liquidity. It implies that you can simply sell your OneMillionPixels.

OneMillionPixels is a new experimental crypto-game and has effectively taken the fifth position on DappRadar. More than 2million tokens have been sold worldwide. OneMillionPixels stand for OMPx, a web-based game for entertainment and winning on the growth of tokens. It is a computerized canvas of 1000 X 1000 pixels enabling clients to attract and to attach links to such illustrations (to a blog or a site, for example). We have seen any semblance of this idea on One Million Dollars Page or Reddit. Be that at it may, what separates this project from others is its financial aspects. As a matter of first importance, a user can sell his/her tokens back to the smart-contract. What’s more, al the gains from the release of the tokens is aggregated in the smart contract, rather than setting off to the group. That is the manner by which the token grows. The price additionally increases, significantly more, when the tokens are spent to draw.

OneMillionPixels Rules

  • You spend an Ompx token to put a pixel on the canvas; tokens are conveyed by the smart contract and Ompx cost is supported by the measure of Ethers on the smart contract’s wallet {it’s called “the Bank” in the game}
  • You can sell your token to the smart-contract {the bank}
  • Each time you purchase Ompx – all ETH goes to the Bank & the Ompx price increase & you can sell it more costly at that point.
  • Each time you sell the token – Ompx value fall


  • There are no delicate/hardtops. Token supply discharge is unlimited.
  • The price of the token is determined by the smart-contract – 1 OMPx = Bank/Tokens
  • Each time you purchase tokens; smart-contract produces the fundamental amount
  • All ETH goes to the bank, excepts a 9% service fee
  • Each time you spend a token to draw a pixel, the token is signed, the aggregate token supply diminishes, and the price diminish
  • Every you sell a token, token backpedals to the smart-contract & available to be purchased, the price of tokens diminish
  • When you purchase a token, you generally pay from x1.2 – x2 of the current price {everything goes to the Bank}, contingent upon the measure of tokens you get. In this way, you buy a token & add to the bank a bit, so the token price also grows
  • You can simply sell your token to the smart-contract at the current price

OMPx isn’t cryptocurrency, it’s a token with a right to draw a pixel or get ether. As directed by the smart contract, any OneMillionPixels you own belongs to you.

For more points of interest, you can contact via info@ompx.lo.






Tip Blockchain Announces Addition of Blockchain Heavyweight Jasper Hellmann to Advisory BoardToronto, Canada – March 1, 2018 – Tip Blockchain Network Inc., an innovator in the blockchain space developing end to end cryptocurrency solutions for end-users and merchants, announces the addition of Jasper Hellmann to their expanding advisory board, ahead of their token sale in Q2 of 2018. Jasper is the Co-Founder and CMO of Envion AG which successfully raised $100 million in their recent ICO. He is a high-performance marketer who also previously founded and marketed the largest international music festival chain Holi Festival of Colors and a
$30 million e-commerce startup.

Tip Blockchain Network Inc. is resolving the problems users face in using cryptocurrency for day to day transactions by creating innovative blockchain solutions. Their platform boasts features such as user-friendly usernames as addresses, instead of cryptographic hashes, search and discovery of other users on the platform, and a cryptocurrency point of sale system for merchants. All these features are powered by the Tip blockchain: The first indexed and searchable blockchain which allows the attachment of metadata to accounts and transactions. Find  out more about the project and their upcoming token sale on their website
and social media channels.

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From ancient times goods have been transported from the countryside to big cities and towns and vice versa. Goods also have been traded with neighboring and distant countries. The best example is the ancient Silk-Route. The Silk-route made use of different modes of transportation according to the region. While in some places camels were used to transport goods in the form of caravans, in coastal areas ships were the preferred mode of transportation.

Transportation of goods is a broad term which includes several kinds of activities and modes of transportation. Moving raw materials from mines or forest areas to factories, transporting the finished goods to markets, distribution of goods to various consumer centers worldwide are just some of the activities that come under the category.

Think about the greatness of the logistics industry. Looking back through history, the wheel is basically the foundation of modern civilization. It brought us transportation, and transportation afforded us the deliberate exchange of merchandise. From homestead to market, and from market to table, the movement of products in mass has been the absolute most essential adaptation of the most recent 10,000 years.

The movement of products impacts everyday life for individuals around the globe at a stunning scale. For extra point of view, here are some details:

  • The global market’s value was $8.1 trillion in 2015 and is relied upon to grow to $15.5 trillion by 2023, making it one of the biggest enterprises on the planet.
  • 55 billion tons of cargo was transported in 2015, with anticipated that growth to 92 billion tons by 2024.
  • In the United States, cargo and logistics spend in 2015 totaled $1.48 trillion, about 10% of the nation’s GDP.

ShipChain was established with the mission of solving the greatest issues confronting the logistics industry today. Our solution requires deep technology, yet our vision is very straightforward. Imagine a fully integrated system across the entire supply chain from the moment it leaves the factory, field, or farm to delivering the finished product to the customer’s doorstep; combined in trustless, transparent blockchain contracts. This is ShipChain, the future of shipping.

Tracking and Transparency

ShipChain will unify shipment tracking across the Ethereum blockchain, utilizing our ShipChain side-chain to track individual encrypted geographic waypoints across each smart contract. With this framework, the importance of each waypoint will be encrypted, accessible for interpretation by only the parties involved. This will give shippers greater visibility over their supply chain and enable transporters to communicate effortlessly, lessening delays and miscommunications. Information about loads, geo-waypoints, and essential consistency information will be recorded and publicly validated within the sidechain. Upon delivery and confirmation, the agreement will be completed and recorded on the main blockchain, releasing any payment escrows.

How It Works Today

The way toward shipping freight can occur across many channels, including air, sea, rail, or truck. Four major entities make up the lifecycle of any shipment, regardless of the channel being used.

Shippers are the clients of the logistics services; they are the actors who have freight and need it transported.

  • Shippers don’t want to coordinate multiple drivers
  • They don’t want logistics headaches

Brokers coordinate carriers to organize multimodal orders

  • Brokers act as the gatekeepers of the industry
  • They choose combinations of reputable carriers

Carriers provide freight transportation services

  • Carriers may be rail, air, sea, truck, or other
  • Most carriers only handle one segment of a trip

Drivers are the operators of a single vehicle in a fleet

  • Some are “owner-operators” acting also as Carriers
  • Sometimes handoffs lack accountability
  • Drivers can lose or damage goods


  • No Accountability
  • Bad Tracking
  • Lack of Transparency
  • Middleman Markup
  • Misaligned Incentives

The Ship Token

Ownership for slightest 1 full SHIP token grants “ShipChain Membership Status.” This is required to get to the blockchain for both the purpose of tracking shipments and the purpose of booking freight.

Transactions on the blockchain for freight shipments will be paid in tokens and settled in tokens. The ShipChain Web platform connecting with the blockchain will enable clients to pay either directly in tokens they hold, or buy tokens from ShipChain for booking freight (permitting, for instance, USD, EUR or digital currency payment). ShipChain will work to go into listing agreements with exchanges to consider the simplicity of liquidity and settlement of SHIP tokens into other currencies.

Tokens valued at up to 20% of each freight transaction will be given to the driver/transporter as “gamified” incentives for safe and timely deliveries, for example, as well as environment focused such as reduced idle time. From that point, drivers will either have the capacity to offer their tokens on exchanges, or reclaim those tokens by means of partnerships ShipChain will form for various rewards, for example, gift vouchers, fuel rebates, and more.

Initial Token Generation Event

The issues ShipChain will handle are fundamental to a multi-trillion dollar industry, one historically slow moving and resistant to change. We have plans for delivering our offering on our present funding, however, breathing life into our full vision is a gigantic undertaking and would be best served by opening ourselves to outside funding. In this manner, we are running a Token Generation Event or “TGE” to offer an underlying supply of our tokens with a specific end goal to kick off the ShipChain economy and supplement funding to enable us deliver the best product possible.

This ‘TGE’ will occur in various phases, including Pre-Sale, Sale 1, and Sale 2. Pre-Sale and Sale 1 will occur immediately, ending after January 2018. Sale 2 will occur upon the completion of several milestones, including the live use of our web platform, version 1.0 of our full tracking system, and generation of live revenues with genuine customer shipments. We anticipate Sale 2 will occur between 1-2 years after Sale 1.


ZEUS  – is the result of combining waste processing plant and mining farm. Starting October 1, 2017, the start-up will offer its Ethereum protocol based ZEUS tokens to the crowdsale participants. ZEUS Token’s own token will allow to participate in the project, its development, to receive a high and stable income.


ZEUS aims to be the first innovative EcoCryptoMining project – the idea is in the collaboration of waste processing plant that generates electricity from waste products and mining farm that uses this electricity for mining. At a first glance this idea may seem to be really simple. And it really is. As we all have heard not once, all ingenious is simple.


Bitcoin mining hardware has become far more efficient compared to a few years ago, but there is also a hefty increase in electricity consumption per device. This is only normal, as more powerful hardware requires more energy to operate. However, in the Bitcoin mining world, power consumption has become so high that mining at home is all but impossible in most countries, due to mounting electricity costs.  Although electricity consumption in Bitcoin has been a point of considerable discussion for quite some time now, things seem to be getting out of hand.


Serg Bayev, projects Escrow said: “I always wanted to do something important to improve the ecology of our planet. I had experience in the field of waste processing prior to this project. As cryptocurrencies developed and became more popular more and more my friends decided to start mining. It so happened that this year we met with Boleslav Wojciechowski. It turned out he was actively engaged in mining in Poland. I listened to him with interest and found this field very potential – blockchain is a technology of  the future. The conversation often raised the issue of electricity, its consumption, its role in the mining process and its value. At this point, we came up with the idea of combining waste processing plant and mining farm. According to the simplicity of the business process and the absence of corruption component the obvious decision was to locate our future eco mining farm in the EU. We immediately contacted my good friend and an excellent professional with experience in implementing recycling projects in Europe – Alexei Karasev, who was  right away invited to become our partner and project technical director.”


The Pre ICO campaign will start on October 1 and will last until October 31, 2017. The purpose of the company is to raise funds through the implementation of 1 000 000 tokens of ZEUS Token at a price with a discount of 50% of the buyback price, that is the equivalent of 0.5 € at the rate of ETH/BTC at the time of a purchase. For more details go to


Learn more about ZEUS at –
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