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10 High Paying & Best URL Shortener To Make Money 2024

by cryptocreed
Best url shortener to make money

Last Updated on January 15, 2024 by cryptocreed

Do you have your own blog or another source of traffic? Then you will love to use URL shortener sites to make money from your traffic, you can earn money with short links.

You can easily make a good amount of money by sharing your links with others and can get paid when someone clicks on your link and bypass the captcha.

If you have used any in past then you know how it works and how you can earn money from URL shortener sites.

What Is a URL Shortener?

URL Shortener sites are the platform where anyone can shorten their link from long to short one. With paying URL shortener link owners aka publishers can earn money for sharing links.

The difference between a simple or tracking URL shortener and paid URL shortener is that in a simple you share link and track activities when the user clicks on the link they redirect to the destination link but in paid one user has to pass the captcha and see ads through which publisher earn money.

For example, if someone wants to share facebook.com/moneyforwallet then it will take more space but if they use a URL shortener then it will be like bit.ly/mfw or something similar.

Best URL Shortener To Make Money

Here is the list of only the best and trusted shortener sites. You can easily share links and earn money on short links sites.


Linkvertise is one of the oldest URL shortener websites. It is a Germany-based platform.  If you have traffic from Germany then you can earn up to $70 for every 1000 traffic.

Their normal rate is somewhere between $7 to $10 per 1K traffic. You can choose your revenue-generating methods from Browser addon, Browser Notifications, App installs, Waiting time, and view the article.

The minimum payout is $10 which can be done through Paypal, Paysafecard, Payoneer, Bank transfer, and Amazon cards.

Click here for the demo.


ShrinkEarn is the best URL shortener for micro-earning sites. It is also one of the best sites for cryptocurrency sites. The average CPM rate is $3.50 and up to $20 for every 1000 views.

Withdraw Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount
Payeer $3.000
WebMoney Z $4.000
Airtm $4.000
Bitcoin ($1 fee) $10.000
Perfect Money (USD) $4.000
PaySera $5.000
UPI & Bank Transfer (only for Indians) $5.000
GooglePay (india) $5.000
Paytm $5.000
PayPal $5.000


ShrinkPe is for those who have cryptocurrency faucets and other earning websites. It is owned by ShrinkEarn and active for the last few years while paying its users on time.

The normal average CPM is $3.00 and can go up to $10 CPM. The minimum payout is $3 and it supports all the above-mentioned payment methods.


OUO was started in the year 2015. More than 1.2 million users have used their shortener service already. Their basic CPM is around $2.00 for every 1000 USA traffic.

Payments are paid on the 1st and 15th day of each month. The minimum withdrawal is $5.00 which you can withdraw using Paypal, Payeer, Payoneer, and Bitcoin.


Shortest is already used by more than 1.3 million users. It is mainly used by movies sites owners. It has also the features of Mass Shrink and the WordPress plugin.

You can withdraw your money using Paypal, Payoneer, and WebMoney. You can earn money from a URL shortener around $10 for each 1K traffic.


Adfocus is the best URL shortener to make money in India. AdFocus is a free short URL redirection service with a twist. Get paid for links you share on the internet. You can place links on your website, forums, and more.

Earn up to $22.50 per 1000 visits to your short URLs. Generate stats on the fly and break down them by countries, referrers, and specific dates. We payout users every month for earnings above $10.00.

Click here for a demo.

Other URL Shortener Websites

CCURL:- ccurl is owned by CryptoCreed. Short link make money

Smoner:- Payments are done through Paypal and Bitcoin.

FcLc:- Very famous URL Site for cryptocurrency sites.

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