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Top Paying Bitcoin Faucets

Here i added some Top High Paying faucets and sites.Which are paying from long time and pays high amount of bitcoin(satoshi). Top Paying Bitcoin Faucets

Timer : 1 Hour

Minimum claim: 340 satoshi

Maximum claim : 0.21874180BTC

Minimum Payout 0.0001BTC

No minimum claim,claim every 5 minute

Minimum payout 10000  satoshi 

Claim upto 5000 satoshi every 15 minute

Daily 5% bonus

Double your satoshi by playing dice game.

Minimum payot 10000 satoshi

Upto 10000 satoshi every 5 minutes

payout : 20000

Claim 120 times per 24 hour

free bitcoins

UPTO 1000 every 2 minutes

minimum payout 0.0001BTC

They have several games from there you can earn extra coins.

Win upto 10,000,00 satoshi

claim every 20minutes

10 to 40 satoshi every claim ( no timer)

Minimum payout 1 satoshi

You can earn extra by their offerwalls.


10 to 50 Satoshi every 10 minute

Minimum Payout 10 satoshi

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