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Darico ICO

Darico is the ideal easy-access gateway for crypto investors, offering exclusive access to all Darico investment tools, including the wallet, terminal, liquidity pool, exchange, debit card and index fund.

There are millions of users are here in crypto world and this number is increasing day by day. Also number of crypto coins is increased by many times from last 3-4 years. As per current report of Jan 2018 there are nearly 1400 cryptocurrencies available to get traded. This numbers are increasing because creating own crypto curency is easy. There are many scam coins are getting launched with those trusted coins. It’s hard to decide that which coins we should trade or invest in.

There are more than 7 Million active crypto holders. They all want to know whether they are safe or not. According to one study by Coinbase and ARK research in the end of 2016 estimated that more than 10 million people had owned Bitcoin.

Everything is never safe. There are many scam attempts and many people lost their thousands of crypto currencies in the scams. Here Darico comes in action, Darico aims to give investors everything what they need to have to invest in crypto world.

Investment is not profitable always. Any crypto can get whelmed or raised. No one can provide you guarantee of profit. But Darico is not all of them, Darico is different from others, Darico provides best information and tools available before they make their decisions.

Why we should choose Darico for our investment plans? There are several reasons are given by Darico.

  1. Unique ecosystem, By using Darico coin you will be part of a unique ecosystem that gives you the investment edge. It is the easier solution for traders.
  2. Tools to check trust, Different websites are providing different reviews, it is hard to trust one of them. Darico is providing accurate information whenever or wherever you want.
  3. Pre-Informed Decision,Darico providing users friendly investment tools helping holders to make pre-informed about crypto decisions.
  4.  Darico Coin, according to Daricos website Darico coin is your ticket into the Darico ecosystem. By having this coins you are eligible to access the tools.

Darico Ecosystem

  1. Exchange: A secured crypto exchange service where you can buy, sell and trade any crypto currency and it  is going to start in Q2 of 2019.
  2.  Crypto wallet: You can track your coins by adding them to your watch list. You can integrate your BTC and ETH wallets to keep investment stable.
  3. Terminal: Darico has planned to launch own APP where users can access more details about darico  tools. It includes Darico wallet, news, trading and index information. Which make trading in crypto easy.
  4. Index fund: High liquid cryptocurrencies will get monitored, analysed and re balanced on a weekly basis. This will help to make your portfolio remains liquid and profitable.
  5. Liquidity pool: Darico is proving liquidity pool which is fully regulated and enables larger scale investors to get involved. For more info regarding visit official whitepaper.
  6. Debit Card: You can apply for Darico Debit Card. By using this Credit card you can easily access your DRC coins which will links with your Darico wallet.

Darico crowdsale

Darico already started ICO on 30th Jan 2018 at the rate of 1$ per token with 30% bonus. Which will get end on 30th Jul 2018 at the rate of 1$ per token but without any bonus. If you want to claim your bonus then you should join now.

Token specification and distribution


Price= 1$

Total supply= 122 M

Main ICO= 60 M

Project budget= 7.5%

Unsold Tokens= Burned

Genesis mining= 162 M

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