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Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence this both are the fastest growing technology in the current era. According to the WebSpaceX, It analyzes the data from popular browsers around the world such as Google, Yandex, Firefox, Opera, Yahoo, Safari and Baidu, AI technology solves the various challenges faced with. WebSpaceX is an artificial intelligence based data processing and analysis technology.

WebspaceX consists of five main components are Plan, Data collection, Data processing, configuration, and reporting.

Plan: The data were transferred to the idea mechanism and is organized to work in the way of data processors.

Data collection: Web owners can use webspaceX to collect information of their users from their website or applications.

Data processing: The data can be transferred to webspaceX artificial intelligence system. It recreates the data of site. On this step you raw data becomes valuable and useful to you.

Configuration: On the configuration step users data will be stored in the database and processing will be finished it can’t be changed.

Reporting: By using app code and API you can access your reports of data from webspaceX Analytics panel.

Problem and solutions using WebspaceX platform:

False statistics: Fake clicks and impressions are one of the biggest problem for advertisers. It is hard to stop them but by using proper technology it is possible. Fraud prevention technology used by WebspaceX to prevent fake clicks and impressions.

Incorrect conversions: The platform offers solutions which makes your business easy in marketing. AI provides benefits of increasing analytics, content and other fields for businesses.

Incorrect social media, time, gender and age statistics: To gain more advertisers some platforms offers fake or incorrect data’s like Social Media, Time, Gender and Age which directly affects marketing and their funding.

To boost the project and provide better result webspaceX launched ICO. Where you can join and get your Tokens which may have good rates in future.

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