VOISE - Decentralized music platform for independent artists

VOISE – New Decentralized music platform for independent artists

Last Updated on June 25, 2020 by CryptoCreed

Update 2020: Their token is active and trading on two exchange platforms but their website is gone. So stay away from this project and token now.

There are many music platforms on the internet but as  Voise is using Ethereum blockchain technology, it makes Voise different from others. The aim of Voise platform is to provide decentralized music streaming and downloading and to distributes 100%  of the revenue to the artists. Artists can offer their music for free and ask for donations. By using cryptocurrency, Voise users and artists also can donate or pay and receive money with their country’s currency or fiat currencies if they want so.

Voise is a new decentralized music streaming and downloading platform on blockchain that aims to monetize independent artists.

Voise has already launched its alpha version you can check it here http://platform.voise.it/this is free for streaming songs and you can download on platform, here you can find some songs list in Voise platform. You should give one try. Their team has also released a new cryptocurrency it is a “Voisium” (VSM) very cool name. Voisiums make a transaction on ethereum blockchain safer and decentralized. For now, 160 VSM is equaled to 1 Ethereum.

About CrowdSale

Voise will launch their crowd sale on 6th May 2017 at 02:00 AM and it finishes on 6th June 2017 at 02:00 PM. For today  160VSM created 1 ethereum and their aim to selling Voisium with a target of a minimum 100,000,000 VSM or 575,000 ETH. 92000 of tokens are used for team and 8000 used for Advertisers. And every investor will receive 160 VSM tokens per ETH invested. If you want to join their crowd sale then you must know the following rules

Distribution of Tokens

Voise Tokens

To become successful in crowd sale Voise requires a minimum of 1.2M tokens or 7500. If the project fails to achieve that many funds, the funds are returned to all investors and the unsold tokens will be burned.


How to Earn Tokens 

They are giving free tokens, for those who are promoting this new platform VOISE. This is a good chance to contribute. The reward for this bounty campaign was given in tokens. Following are the bounty program

The Twitter campaign has covered the total amount of Voisium up to 120,000 VSM. The tweet should include a mention to @voiseit and a couple of hashtags related to music or cryptocurrency. after your tweet, you have to fill this form. You can check that you are selected for a campaign or no here.

Press Bounty up to 96,000 VSM is reserved for this. For this, you must have a good and respective website or blog. you can send your request here. And check your status here.

Translation Bounty has fixed tokens for this is 30,000 VSM. To join this campaign visit here.

There are other bounties like signature and telegram you can check all of them on their thread on bitcointalk.org.


Website Link: https://voise.it

Bitcointalk Thread: click on me

Telegram Chat: click on me

Twitter Account: click on me


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