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ViValid ICO Review


Blockchain technology is being admired throughout the world. Blockchain came to limelight after the cryptocurrency got a boom. The basic concept behind the invention of first cryptocurrency ‘Bitcoin’ was to make the transactions safe and decentralized. Bitcoin was launched and Blockchain technology was associated with it in order to make it decentralized, safe and secure. Later on, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have done many miracles. One can literally buy anything from cryptocurrency and the transaction is being secured by Blockchain. Recently, crypto ventures started coming up, which use blockchain technology for the better purpose.

Blockchain technology has been used for buying cars to buying grocery but have you imagined using this technology to validate your collectibles? Let’s say you are fond of collecting comic books and you found an ancient comic book from a store, what would you do to validate if it’s the right one or if it has great content or not? You need an expert and you might not find one around you. Take your mobile out, click a picture of it and upload it on the blockchain based platform and soon you will start getting opinions of relative field experts and professionals. That’s ViValid for you!

ViValid is a platform created by the vivalid team for people who are fond of collecting things; let is be the comic books, coins, jewelry or toys. ViValid provides them with the opportunity to connect with experienced in relative fields. ViValid serves as a medium or channel between a person who has some potential value item in hand and seeking information from experts in relative fields. This is by far the best use of Blockchain for people who collect things and may want to earn extra amount by using their experience. One can also register himself as the validator on ViValid and earn money by giving useful opinions to the seekers. It all works on Proof of Validation protocol to make it highly transparent, secure and valid.

Investors might find this project interesting because it is targeting a specific audience and has the big market. The primary source of income for ViValid is transaction fee and micropayment through Viv tokens. ViV is a utility token based on ERC20 and number of a token to emit are 200,000,000. The pre-sale started in a previous week and it is doing unexpectedly good. Its ICO has also got good ratings from ICO bench and has a strong social following. The good thing about its ICO is that ViValid has put 70% of its coin for ICO, not many of the ventures put that much of coins for sale. ViValid will spend major funding in the marketing and development, which looks pretty fine from the eyes of investors.

One major element in the success of every ICO is the ‘Team’. You need to have a good and solid team composition to nail any project. ViValid looks to have a good and balanced team as they have 20 years of Web developing experience in the name of ‘Emilian Semczak’ and over 30 years of experience in IT and Project Management in the names of Sebastian and Daniel. ViValid is a team of Entrepreneurs who are passionate enough to forge bonds with success. The project looks pretty cool and amazing, its already doing pretty good in pre-sale and investors are intrigued by it.

ViV Token specification and ICO details:

Token ticker: ViV

Token type: ERC20

Platform Token: Ethereum

Total token supply: 15,40,000,00

ICO start date:  7/16/2018

ICO end date: 10/14/2018

Soft cap:  20 000 000 ViV

Hard cap: —

A rate of a token (ICO): 1 ETH = 1800 ViV

Minimum purchase in ICO: —

Accepting CryptoCurrency: ETH

ViV Token distribution details:

Token sale: 70%

Team: 10%

Operational pool: 5%

Future needs: 15%

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