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Update 2020: Site is down

It’s a true pain in the ass: You travel to a nice country, need to check that cute kitten video on Facebook and suddenly you realize the WiFi is very bad or not even available. Now you got 2 options… You could pay a lot of money for just a teaspoon of mobile data, or you could get the TripAlly app, plan your journey, and get unlimited mobile data for an affordable price!

Not only does TripAlly offer safe, well-functioning and easy to use mobile data for rates comparable to the internet costs of your destination, it also offers some additional features, including a simple currency exchange and more, which you can find more information about on the website,


Why would I use TripAlly and not something else?
There are many problems with other kinds of internet providers in foreign countries. If you rely purely on Public WiFi, you would be limited to just a couple of locations that actually offer WiFi. Security, fees and unwanted ads are also a problem with Public WiFi. This is a chart showing the features that TripAlly offers in comparison to what other possible internet solutions offer. The results are quite a lot in TripAlly’s favor.


As you see, there are many advantages to using TripAlly instead of other internet solutions. Some special features TripAlly offers, are the Currency Exchange and the ability to purchase Local Tickets, which are really useful if you travel to countries that do not accept the currency you normally use in the country you live in.

How to use TripAlly
Using TripAlly ICO is quite easy actually. First, you’ll have to download an app, named “TripAlly”. Next, you’ll have to enter some details about your journey: Destination, Estimated Time of Arrival, and the duration of your stay. After that, you’ll have to pay, either with a bank card or ALLY tokens, after which you’ll get your unlimited mobile data for that specific country and your chosen date/duration.

tripally ico reddit
Although the app, together with the platform, isn’t available yet, it’s planned to be released in Asia in the third quarter of 2018 and later on TripAlly will expand to other countries as well, but that will take time, so you’ll have to wait a while before being able to use it.


How do I get these tasty tokens?
First, you should get some ETH to buy the tokens with. If you do not have Ethereum, I recommend using an exchange like Cryptopia or Bittrex to turn any other cryptocurrencies into ETH or buy it directly with your bank account/PayPal or another payment method on an exchange like Coinbase or CEX.
Now you got some Ethereum, you’ll have to send your Ethereum (from an ERC-20 compliant wallet), to the TripAlly’s contract address. More details about it are to be found on the ICO page of their site:

tripally ico reddit
Currently, you’re able to buy them for 0.002 ETH (about $0.6) each in the Pre-ICO. If you do not have any money yet, don’t worry! Just be sad about missing the opportunity to buy these ALLY tokens for only 0.002 ETH. The price will go up, as more tokens are sold. The final ICO price will be 0.005 ETH per ALLY token. After the ICO, the price will rise to 3 USD each, or about 0.01 ETH each. That makes a 400% ROI if nothing goes wrong.


In the crypto world, it’s impossible to say whether a project will be successful or not with 100% certainty. However, this project has great potential and I’d say it’s definitely worth it to invest in it. The global mobile data usage is very large already and growing even larger every year. This is a revolution in a growing market. It’s TripAlly ICO.
You can find more information on TripAlly’s whitepaper.
TripAlly’s website:



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