TribeToken: A decentralized charity token Announced Crowdsale

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TribeToken is a decentralized token to help people from developing countries and the countries which face the problems of basic life needs like water shortage, Food shortage, Land, and Air pollution in countries like China, Syria, and Iraq.

This is the best way to donate help to those people. There are lacks of people are dying every year because they didn’t satisfy their basic needs of life, either because of terrorist or government. CryptoCurrency is a great idea to use for donations. It is also the safest and secure way to transact money. TribeToken is based on Ethereum blockchain technology so anyone can any from anywhere can donate with the help of internet connection.

You can help anyone with your money, a single person can give life to a person. You don’t need huge money to donate you can donate what you want even a cents. yes, you can provide the basic needs of a person or family. Not only you will help the single person also you are going to improve the economic stability of the country or state. The person who received help from you will do his work and improve his and his family’s life and then it helps the country.

TribeToken will help to build a better infrastructure for developing countries or where people need such a thing. Schools and universities will develop to make educated and give knowledge. Hospitals for care, police station for security, Roads will be built with transportation. Attract more people to visit these countries which helps to increase the revenue of individual persons and country. If these facilities will be provided to developing countries people then they can fulfill their basic needs for the future by themselves and can develop their country in a good manner.

Donors can donate only in a decentralized TribeToken. As the token is decentralized and can handle by anyone shows transparency and security for money in comparison to the traditional way of payment. The platform will show how and where the received funds were used. To set up a charity’s projects platform crowdfund was announced. Funds will use to build a better platform. Donors can donate to verified charity or unverified charity both are available to donate depends on donor where to donate. Also, donors can rate charity.



Initial Coin offering will start on 24th July 2017 and will end on 14th Aug 2017. Total TribeTokens will be created is 200,000,000 TRIBE. The maximum cap is set on 50,000 ETH  and the minimum cap is 500 ETH. The minimum amount of users can invest in ICO is 0.1 ETH. The token will be distributed between, Team 20,000,000 TRIBE, Tribe Economy 10,000,000 TRIBE, For marketing and partners 10,000,000 TRIBE, and For ICO 160,000,000 TRIBE token will be allocated.

Roy brand is a Founder of the platform, he is experienced in web concepts and a blockchain enthusiast, from Netherland.

Alexander Kozhukhov is from Greece and a founder and CEO of Outerflow LLC, he is a senior developer here.

Laurynas Čekanavičius is a founder and Developer on this platform also an experienced blockchain enthusiast, Ruby Coder, and C++ enthusiast.

Bounty Campaign is announced for promoters can join here.

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