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For many of us in the cryptocurrency space, the fate of cryptocurrencies appears to be secure with the fundamental inquiry being when rather than if mainstream adoption will occur. Currencies, for example, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash have grown exponentially and are presently worth amounts that were hard to envision at their inception. With Bitcoin as of late setting some ever highs, it’s an ideal opportunity to glance back at the variables that prompted the rise of cryptocurrencies.

A key factor in the success of cryptocurrencies, in general, was the capacity to set up trust in a digital financial system. Bitcoin first solved this issue by enabling clients to make moves in a way that allowed a guaranteed, safe and secure transfer/exchange that everybody knows has occurred and can’t challenge its authenticity.

Cryptocurrencies utilize a ledger system and any transfer/exchange can be made by just transferring ownership of the corresponding slot in the ledger. This secure system opened up a world of options with with a wide range of digital property able to be transferred along these lines. This safe and versatile system fundamentally ensured the success of cryptocurrencies and enabled them to solve a host of financial issues the world has including centralized control, high fees, bureaucracy, currency devaluation and hyperinflation. Cryptocurrencies today are quick, effective, low fee, private payment systems that enable clients to take control of their budgetary dealings free from concentrated directions, the future of the cryptocurrency space looks splendid with proceeded with continued success on the horizon.

Subsequently, numerous enterprises are scrambling to accept blockchain technology. Be that as it may, they can’t get skilled blockchain experts to help them grow. Indeed, even firms like Deloitte, PwC, and KPMG are attempting to get enough workers for their blockchain departments. This is on the grounds that there is no formal place where people can get the prerequisite skills to work in the industry.

Extra Credit provides a solution to this problem by giving a platform where students can get information/ knowledge on Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies. The platform is appropriate for beginners who are getting an introduction into the cryptocurrency world or experts who need to keep their skills sharp. The platform boosts learning by offering students a chance to earn XTRA tokens when they complete courses or achieve good scores in any of the competitions. Contributors will likewise earn by providing modules that students can undertake.

It additionally offers an opportunity for investors to earn through the various revenue streams of the firm. They incorporate course commission fees, paid sponsorships and, paid promotions. Clients can likewise earn affiliate program on the platform. You can get extra information on the site or any of the web-based social networking pages.

Extra Credit is a platform that seeks to unravel the lack of skilled talent in the blockchain industry by providing a platform where students of any age can begin finding out about Cryptocurrency. The training offered essentially an overview of blockchain technology with in-depth courses that put students on the track to become future blockchain engineers.

The assortment is imperative since students have diverse requirements. Those in management who need to find out about how to work with blockchain based businesses can take straightforward courses designed towards blockchain for business while the individuals who need to get skills in blockchain engineering take after an alternate set of courses.

Token Economics

Our aim is to make BitcoinHomework the leading cryptocurrency learning resource in the world. With a potential audience of billions of individuals and a strictly limited token supply, demand for Extra Credit “XTRA” Tokens will increase exponentially after some time – giving fantastic incentive to ICO investors and Content Contributors who will earn XTRA Tokens by means of student enrolments in their online courses. Extra Credit will likewise have varying income earning streams through the platform which include:

  • Course Commission Fees for courses provided by Content Contributors
  • Paid Course Promotions from Contributors/Industry Sponsors
  • Paid Sponsorship Courses (for Free or paid courses to promote approved products/services)
  • Advertisements

Other income streams will be executed further down the track however, in light of a legitimate interest for being transparent it’s imperative for our token holders to know how these earnings will be credited and reinvested to grow our platform and extend our span. Income earnings will go towards:

  • Support and Development Team Salaries
  • Ongoing Platform Developments
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Affiliate Fees

Extra Credit ICO Referral Policy

We are implementing a 10% Referral Incentive for every token holder. The recompense of 25M Tokens for this program will be distributed on a first signed up, first served basis. This 10% will be appropriate to the 400M Tokens issued in the Pre-Sale and Public ICO. It’s imperative to realize that the referral budget of 25M just covers 250M of the tokens issued which is the reason the 10% bonus will be granted on a first signed up, first served basis.

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