Start Own Faucet


Faucets are among the most popular Bitcoin related website,with the average site getting  thousands of visits every day.Faucets are websites which give small amount of Bitcoins to their visitors.And owners are making money by placing ads on their faucets.

If you thinking to create free bitcoin faucet then you will never succeed.You  have some money in pocket to start own bitcoin faucet for Domain+Hosting . I will suggest you to buy hosting and domain from Hostinger or Namecheap.


If you are programmer then you can build your own custom script.But if you don’t have programming knowledge,then you can use microwallet services and their scripts.

Faucetsystem modified  faucethub: Faucetsystem’s scripts are better than faucetbox and Faucethub has most secure micropayment wallet.Faucethub owner is experienced and trusted person.Click here to register in faucethub and click here to download script.

WordPress Bitcoin Faucet:This script was build by easy to install and use.This script support and faucethub as microwallet service.

  • Download the Bitcoin Faucet WordPress Plugin – Download link
  • Go to “plugins” -> Add new -> Upload plugin
  • Choose the file you’ve just downloaded and upload it to your site
  • After the upload is compete click on “activate plugin”

If you want to write a blog than wordpress script was best for that and if you want to run simple faucet than faucetsytem modified script was best.Using adsense on faucets is almost impossible because of adsense does’t support it but you can use adsense on wordpress script if you have some good quality of content on blog

Make money from your faucets

There are various method to monetize bitcoin faucet.The most popular method to monetize your faucet is displaying ads.Affiliate links are also best way to monetize faucet or you can add donation button.We have list of best Ad network for your facuet

Non Bitcoin Ad Network

Google Adsense: Google Adsense almost pays better than any other ad network.Just be sure that your faucet have some real content for the users and advertiser friendly,such as information about bitcoin,updating daily news about bitcoin or other,Otherwise you can loose your account from google adsense.For Adsense,wordpress script is always best.

Bitcoin Ad Network

Anonymous Ads : Probably the oldest ad network.CPM based which pays for per unique impression day.Maximum 3 ads allowed in one page.

Mellow Ads: They accept faucets which have under 2,00,000 alexa rank.They pay on CPM and CPC based.They added new service of popads. : coinzilla is new bitcoin ad network,CPM & PPC based.They have good rates for pop under ads.Minimum withdraw: 0.001 BTC with 0.0001 BTC withdrawal fee.

Don’t add lots of banner ad on single page,also dont add more than 1 popup ad.

How to increase traffic on your faucet

More visitors=More revenue,there are quite a few different ways that can promote your new site.Here are some of them:

Rotators: Adding your faucets in  faucet rotators is one of the best way to get traffic on your faucet. iFaucet and Makejar these sites are huge amount of traffic and if you manage to get your site on top of their list you’re golden.If you are using faucetsystem modified script then you can add your faucet on their list but you have to premium member  of faucethub.

Bitcointalk: Create thread on Bitcointalk’s entire section micro earning. This is a great place to create a thread announcing your new faucets to bitcoin community.or you can promote other bitcoin related forums.

 Referral Program: Almost every faucets have a referral program which pays out a commission to the person who sends new user to the site using his personal referral link.For new faucet owners,they can add high reward with high referral commission will increase visitors then quietly decrease the rewards and referral commission ,this way definately increase your visitors for some time.

Social media: Adding social media buttons on your faucet increased some percent of daily visitors.