SP8DE: The Game Of Chance and Changed [updated 2020]

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From the past few decades, it has been observed that online games are growing rapidly. Most of the people are interested to play these games to relax their minds and some of them are playing for huge money. However, there is a small history of these casino games. In earlier days, if you want to play these games, you need to travel to the world’s finest cities or your local casino halls. With the advent of internet technology, so many people are playing games from their comfortable home only. Micro gaming and the internet are combined and formed a new version of games called online gambling.

A blockchain-based platform capable of providing fair public randomness for developing and running distributed casino applications. SP8DE is designed to suit the purposes of every one of the actors including the online gambling club scene and all things considered, speaks to the new breed of digital institutions, distributed intermediary.

The start that lit this project and keeps on moving us now is that early blockchain and Bitcoin casinos just didn’t hit the nail on the head. The Blockchain community was more youthful and more out of control, standards of disseminated flexibility were burning brighter … even brighter, early adopters who applied blockchain technology to gambling promoted the wrong ideas; those undermining the picture of decentralized casinos. Rather than promoting transparency and cost proficiency that portray blockchain technology, they promoted obscurity and cyber anarchy. Rather than making the casino for everybody, they hushed up about it.

Industry overview

Online gambling has been around since 1994 getting off to a slow start, yet becoming more and more popular year by year. One of the major improvements of online casinos over the years has been faster Internet speeds, with faster Internet, most casinos have been able to roll out better technology and offer better games with more appealing graphics and sound.

In the European Union, the internet gambling industry became almost 19% from the first half of 2015 until the first half of 2016. The casino industry specifically generated over US$2 billion in revenues amid this period. It is expected that until 2020 this number will reach US$2.25 billion per year representing about 12.5% revenue growth. In the US for the period 2015 until the point that 2016 online casino revenues increased by 24.4% and are required to reach US$4 billion by 2020.

The Blockchain and the Casino

Such popularity of the cryptocurrency in SP8DE gambling is caused by the absence of additional commissions, the security of funds, and unlimited withdrawals. But can the appearance of bitcoin completely reverse the view of how we used to see the casino?

In what tails we depict a convention for decentralized blockchain platform for developing casino applications with various remarkable highlights whose strong execution is deficient in any of them as of now existing undertakings in this space. The idea of decentralized consensus that lies at the heart of the blockchain is based on the smart application of cryptography and game theory. Combined, they create the economics of trust and hold gigantic potential for revolutionizing numerous classic industries.

SP8DE is the new- generation blockchain-based gaming platform aimed at all members of contemporary casino ecosystem. We call it “new-age” or “new-generation” as SP8DE ICO satisfies all the previously mentioned conditions of a ‘proper’ blockchain casino. We build SP8DE over the blockchain called Cardano. The Cardano venture itself is an amazing work that grasped the prescribed procedures and most sweeping advancements in the region of digital currencies and pressed them into a single state-of-art framework. It is being developed and maintained by a large team comprised solely of PhDs in the field of programming and cryptography, and experienced engineers.

SP8DE uses SP8DE Cardano to outline and design its ecosystem and in this manner solves the issues ordinarily connected with the on-chain casinos portrayed previously. Here is the secret:

  1. Transaction fees and scalability
  2. Random number generation
  3. Flexible and finance application-tailored scripting language

The SP8DE Protocol

Before diving further into the mechanics of the SP8DE protocol itself, we select to give a short overview of the Cardano blockchain and, specifically, the Ouroboros protocol that supports it. As specified above, Ouroboros is the principal provably secure POS protocol. All POS protocol depends intensely on the miner selection process whereby a member is chosen indiscriminately to sign a block of transactions. Fundamentally it is a POW system without the grapple to this present reality – that of processing power.

SP8DE Coin Distribution

The whole token appropriation will be 8,888,888,888 of which 3,655,555,558.4 (41.125%) will be as a token deal and 3,455,555,552 (38.875%) will be given as a bonanza to the individuals who have taken an interest in the “token sale” rounds. Whatever is left of the tokens 1,777,777,778 (20%) will stay with the group for the purposes of marketing, advisory, and further development of the project.

The ICO itself is divided into four phases: the pre-sale and four sale rounds. Each of the stages varies along a few important dimensions:

  1. The number of tokens available
  2. The price of each token
  3. The probability of winning the lot that every token brings to its holder
  4. The number of lots we have saved for members.

The initial two of these are conventional in the industry: the prior birds get better prices. Points THREE and FOUR are special to SP8DEICO. Every sale round after the pre-sale is trailed by a ‘jackpot round’ whereby a set number of lots are randomly distributed among the token holders.




Current SP8DE Coin Price 0.00000488 USD (sp8de coinmarketcap & Coingecko)


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