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Nowadays everyone prefer to buy products online, because it saves time, money and energy of people. But you will not find all premium products on one online store, to buy it you have to visit different websites and it consume your time. Sometime online shopping is not always money saver, consumer pay more for some products also their was a chance of getting damaged product. To solve this current problem of market Alessio and team launched snapup platform. Or we can say it is a revolutionary step in online shopping market. SnapUp is not launched yet  but you can get experience by using their demo.

On SnapUp you can buy all premium products online with very low cost. The users must have register on website to get this benifit, users can save 80% to 90% on the market price of the product. Members can choose the amount which they want to pay for products by Snap. It works as an auctions but with some different features in Snap bidders bid will private and it represents the quantity of will or desire of the bidder to obtain the product. Here Snap choose the winner and the participants will not surpass 300 person.

Our mechanism is different from everything that came before us.
Takes the best from ideas that have already proven succesful in the past, Online Penny Auctions and GPOs, distrupts them with our revolutionary model based on meritocracy and brings them in the new era of the web!

SnapUp has a Meritocracy based rewarding algorithm, everyone can earns KARMA points by performing actions like inviting  someone to join, sharing experience of snapup to public, buying snapcoins and etc. More karma poinst you have more chances to win.

Benifits for Users:

  1. Cataogue is “virtually” unlimited.
  2. Users will get brand new products from manufacturer or authorised seller.
  3. Joining in events will increase the circulation of currency.
  4. Cost of participation is Euro Counterpart of the snapcoins, which allows events to happens and to join in with same amounts of snapcoins they have.

Benifits for Investors:

  1. To cover the price of the product and to increase the price of the snapcoins snapup will hold sufficient amount of money in cash. It maintain value of snapcoins and demand and supply.
  2. Snapcoin will listed on different exchanges, so users can sell their snapcoins directly from snapup platform.
  3. Investors can be an part in the growth of the value of the currency by advertising their success or the ones of our cutomers on their social networks.


1 SNP = 0.00015966 BTC ( rate on 13th July 2017 )

Initial Coin Offering date is announced and it will start on 28th Aug 2017 and will end on 4th Sep 2017. Total 200,000,000 SNP tokens are issued, out of them 100,000,000 SNP tokens will distributed to crowdsale. 76,000,000 SNP tokens will reserve by snapup. 20,000,000 SNP tokens will distributed to team. 4,000,000 SNP tokens will distributed to bounty campaigns. Minimum cap is 5 Million USD and hard cap is 33M USD.

SnapUp Team:

Alessio Cozzolino: CEO and Co-founder

Carmine Cozzolino: COO and Co-founder

Patrick Jusic: Software Engineer

Loris Rossi: Software Engineer

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