Smoke Exchange ICO Review [Updated 2020] [Smoke Coin]

Last Updated on July 25, 2020 by CryptoCreed

Smoke Exchange is the first self-serve advertising platform for the marijuana industry. This is a revolutionary step taken in the advertising industry and especially in the marijuana industry. The market where advertisers and publishers can meet directly and make performance instantly available and affordable for cannabis businesses.  It’s like a bidding platform where advertisers and publishers meet to work together.

The marijuana industry is not allowed to advertise on any platform either traditional or modern. Google, Facebook, Taboola, AdMedia, etc. This industry is avoided by this marketplace. Because of their partner’s and users’ demand. But still, this industry manages through market agencies, who manage for some percentage of commission or fees. This is not an effective way to promote advertisers’ business here publishers and middlemen get more benefits. To solve this problem developers of DopeCoin launching Some Exchange. Advertisers can track their statistics in real-time and can change their minds according to the result of campaigns.

Let see some data on US marijuana sales or advertising stats. Between 2012 to 2018, 40$ Billion spending limit increased in 2012 it was near 35$ billion and in 2018 it may 82$ Billion, the data os 2018 estimates. And the sales growth of the marijuana industry also increased more than twice. In 2013 the US Marijuana sales are 1.6$ Billion and in 2018 it may touch 8.2$ Billion, This data are estimated and this data are taken from the official site of Smoke Exchange.


Smoke Exchange Features

  • Run-on only Crypto’s 
  • Real-time Bidding & statistics
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Native Ads, Display  and Pops
  • Mobile and Desktop
  • Bi-Weekly payouts to publishers
  • Easy conversion pixel setup
  • Dedicated team
  • Supported coins are BTC, ETH, DOPE, and SMX
  • 10% bonus for payments in DOPE

Smoke Exchange’s main aim is to provide a better Smoke Coin platform for the marijuana industry. Smoke Exchange only supports Cryptocurrencies.

Smoke Exchange different ways of advertising formats. if publishers want to add banner then they can select for banner or if they want to add pop ads then they can select pop ads, they can select which suit them more. Smoke Coin

• Digital/Online Advertising
• Mobile/Cell phone Advertising
• Banner Ads
• Social Media Advertising
• Pop Up Ads on websites

Conversion tracking helps businesses measure their return on their investment after reviewing visitors’ actions on their ads. One research reported that 55% of top marketers make decisions backed by analytics. Advertisers or publishers who choose the payment method in Dope Coin will get a 10% bonus. Smoke Exchange earn revenue from publishers’ fees. Smoke Coin

Investors may get amazing benefits on the platform like ROI on investors’ investment. Smoke Exchange platforms will launch their beta in the first quarter of 2018. Major companies related to marijuana may join the Smoke Exchange platform. the team of the platform is very dedicated and trustworthy, the team is sam of the DopeCoin project, and developers of the platform are having experience of more than 3 years.

ICO will happen in a 4-week phase. ICO will start on 30th September and will end on selected time which will announce later. SMX has already finished its Pre-sale or Pre ICO and successfully distributed 84361 SMX tokens. Every stage of ICO having bonuses.


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