SleekPlay - Renovation of Content Monetization

SleekPlay – Renovation of Content Monetization

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SleekPlay – Renovation of Content Monetization

SleekPlay - Renovation of Content Monetization

Since the start of the digital era, content creation and monetization has been the need of most of the developers and service providers. For many of the developers and service providers, ‘Monetization’ is the only revenue model but it runs ads that a user might not like; resulting in low usage of apps and low-quality user experience. That’s why SleekPlay has come to the market to disrupt this billion-dollar monetization market. SleekPlay provides a unique solution in which both the developer and user gets the benefit. A user -friendly monetization model was needed and SleekPlay has provided one, in which a user spends more time on apps and content consumption thus providing more benefits to a service provider and content creators. SleekPlay is based on new cryptonote blockchain and SleekPlay has its own cryptocurrency ‘SKP’. Basically, it uses the computational power of user devices and gives revenues.

Pre-ICO has two rounds, the first round has been commenced already. SleekPlay is giving special rates in the first Pre-ICO round. Individuals contributing 15ETH will gain the access to complete the project and also stands a chance to be included in advisory board. The second round of Pre-ICO will start in the mid of May 2018 and allocated the number of coins will be distributed at the special price. Pre-ICO has a token price of $0.0008.

Main ICO crowdfunding is to be announced in June 2018. The price of the coin (SKP) will be 0.01$ per coin and 54% of the total number of coins are allocated for main ICO. While 12% of the team and 16% for the Pre-ICO are reserved, remaining coins will go to the marketing, advisory board, and bounty programs. Payments to be received in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

SleekPlay also focuses on a great roadmap ahead, during the crowdfunding they intend to release web wallet manager. After successful marketing and completion of ICO, the SKP coin will be on exchanges. API testing will start after the release of GUI wallet and after successful creation of API, the SleekPlay platform will be launched.

Behind every ICO happening, there is a strong and competitive team. Most of the investors look for the team more than the concept. SleekPlay has both, a strong and experienced team and a brilliant idea to disrupt multi-billion dollar market. They have the CEO & Co-founder of Codec on their advisory board. Emmanuel Obare is the CTO of SleekPlay, who has been part of the many crypto startups before. So, the team looks pretty good.

SleekPlay is providing a great solution to this multi-billion dollars ’content monetization’ market and has a great potential to attract a lot of investors. The private round of ICO has already started and it’s doing a marvelous job. Compromising on the great concept, analytics, roadmap, and team; SleekPlay will be the next big thing in the market for content monetization.

SleekPlay Token specification and ICO details:

Name of token:  SleekPlay

Token ticker: SKP

Token type: ERC20

Total token supply:  6.44 Billion SKP tokens

ICO start date: TBA

ICO end date:  TBA

A rate of a token (ICO):  0.01$

Minimum purchase in ICO: 0.1 ETH

SleekPlay Token distribution details:

Token sale: 54%

Private Round: 04%

Private Sale: 16%

Team: 12%

Advisors: 04%

External Marketing: 07%

Bounties: 0.01%

Team SleekPlay:

Sleekplay Platform Team

Contact Link :









Note: You can join Bounty campaign of SleekPlay here on BountyHive.

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