SkinCoin- Cryptocurrency for trading Dota 2 Skins

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In this 21st century, the starting era of digitalization and technology eSports get huge popularity in the gaming community, they are mad to play eSport games.

Many people face difficulties when buying on a gaming platform with their fiat currency. By using the cryptocurrency this problem may get solved cryptocurrencies are faster and safer for payments.

The story of Skin was started in early 2011, it is the year when Valve introduced this to trade in-game items or skins with video games like CS: GO and  DOTA 2. skincoin price.

People accepted skins as an actual currency which helps to buy market products this is a means of payment. In 2016 Skin Market share has been grown up to 7 Billion USD.

I am sure you know what is skin? If you are a newbie then read ahead. The skin makes you feel in the game, you can select your own skin and can change your player in the game. skincoin price .

Skins mean the virtual items which can be used in video games like CS: GO, Counter-Strike, DOTA2, Team Fortress 2. Skin can change the whole structure of the items. Here is an example is taken from whitepaper of The gun with Skin and the gun without skin, “skin can change the beauty of items” skincoin mining. skincoin price

Every new gaming platforms are adopting new technology for better performance, by launching its own currency for game use. Users can buy and sell any types of Skins on the platform by using their inner currency. skincoin price

The value of these inner currencies is zero outside of the platform. These points or inner currencies can only use within the site or to buy and sell skins only. By launching SkinCoin this problems will get defeated. SkinCoin is a universal cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain platform for trading of skins and making bets on eSports events. skincoin mining

How it Works:

Users have to deposit a skin at the same betting site, they gamble using their deposited skins or they can exchange their internal currencies for their skin. If users get a win they will receive bonus skins. skincoin online

According to one research firm, more than 2.3 Million USD worth of skins are wagered by more than 3 million people in 2015 this amount almost get doubled in 2016 by reaching 5 USD million. skincoin online

1 ETH equals to 6000 SKIN, already raised more than 13000 ETH 

SkinCoin has announced their initial coin offering for date 21st June 2017 and will end date 21st July 2017, it takes one month to complete this crowd sale. skincoin ico.

Users can contribute by investing a minimum of 0.1 ETH or 600 SKINS and a maximum of 3000 ETH can be contributed perusers. 1 000 000 000  SKIN tokens get issued for crowd sale, and already reached the minimum token sale goal of 5000 ETH by reaching 13000 ETH.12,000,000 Tokens are reserved for bounty or marketing of the platform. skincoin ico

600 M tokens or sixty percent of tokens will be available for participants or fundraisers. For further development of the platform 300 million tokens will be reserved to SkinCoin platform. 100 Million tokens will be equally distributed to team members for their efforts. skincoin wallet

The team has full of experienced players of blockchain. Alexey Zakharov is a founder of this project also he already launched many other projects which are related to eSports. Igor Solomatin is co-founder of the project and also CEO of gaming projects related to steam. skincoin wallet

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