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SHIVOM the world of healthcare is gradually changing. Two revolutionary-technologies, genomics, & blockchain are ready to fundamentally enhance health & well-being thought-out the world. The genomic medicine can enhance the comprehension & treatment of as many as 7,000 uncommon diseases, alongside-cancers, complex & long haul ailment, for example, cardiovascular & neurodegenerative conditions, & diseases. Moreover, blockchain-technology will change both the eventual fate of healthcare and the world economy: it is ready to proclaim the greatest change in development since the appearance of the web and web 2.0. Shivom is the next transformative advance in this development, uniting these innovations to make a progressive medical-genomics-ecosystem that will open up healthcare opportunities across the globe.

Shivom offers the first ever integrated-solution for patients & genome data/information donors where everyone will have the capacity to have their genome sequenced & securely stored. This unique ecosystem will give an open web- marketplace to different suppliers, for example, pharmaceuticals; research organizations, governments, patient-support-groups & insurance agencies to include their applications & services close by genomic data/information analytics & personalized medicine.

For what reason would it be advisable for you to choose shivom?

To make the direct-to-purchaser business more open, reasonable, & gainful to all clients, the Shivom platform utilizes blockchain-technology to make a problematic genomics ecosystem. It guarantees information is claimed by the information givers themselves. It guarantees a straightforward and secure extension to organizations-interested by utilizing that data/information.

  • Genome data/information donors claim their data/information and access rights
  • Pharmaceutical organizations utilize the Shivom platform to refine drug-development
  • Shivom-users have full and fine-grained control of who can get to the data/information even after an outsider organization has approached it
  • Patients get personalized-health & lifestyle data/information

Genomic sequencing gives numerous benefits users:

  • Identifying the best course of look after patients with a specific condition
  • Prevention of sickness in healthy people
  • Prediction of infection hazard
  • Disease analysis
  • Treatment, including the decision of best medicine & measurement
  • Disease anticipation
  • Identifying new medication targets

With Shivom, your data/information is 100% safe?

  • Your genomic data/information will dependably be your
  • The blockchain is utilized to safeguard it
  • You encrypt your own public key
  • You choose who sees your data/information & it generally benefits you



  • Usually, just little groups of individuals are contemplated in clinical trials
  • Without a considerable measure of genomic data/information, it is difficult to know who will react to a specific treatment. Furthermore, when they don’t react to a specific treatment
  • This is definitely a waste of time, energy, and resources

Solution to the problem:

  • Use genomic data/information to advise clinical trials
  • Researchers and clinicians can utilize genomic data/information to make sense of which patients are probably going to be lethargic to a treatment
  • This enables effective treatments to be accessible all the more rapidly


Genomics & artificial intelligence show an extraordinary chance to revolutionize R-and-D programs, particularly screening for drug targets & relating drug h candidates. The critical cost related to medicate development is connected to the capacity to get to high-quality & approved datasets from patients.


The OmiX Token: The OmiX token is a key part that enables purchasing, trading, incentivizing & different other services. The token is the fuel of the Shivom-ecosystem as well as part of the administration of the Shivom system.

Shivom  Token specification and ICO details:

Name of token:  OMIX

Token ticker: OMX

Token type: ERC20

Total token supply:  3 Billion OMX tokens


A rate of a token (ICO):  1 ETH = 7000 OMX


Shivom Token distribution details:

Token sale: 33 %

Founders and Team: 14%

Advisors: 10%

Growth Pool: 20%

Reserve: 20%

Community: 3%

Team of Shivom 


Contact Link :








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