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The word SANCOJ derived from Esperanto in English it called Opportunity.  SANCOJ stands for opportunity or vice versa.  You now may understand what SANCOJ project aim to provide, yes you are right SANCOJ wants to provide equal opportunities to each and every users for nil transaction cost.

ZINGO is the by product of SANCOJ, it is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) agent which perform action of Sancoj platform like analyzing users data to refer them best and suitable opportunity.  The best example was given in Sancoj’s whitepaper on how to use and benefit of using Zingo. Sancoj is building one platform for decentralized projects.  WORKXTRA is the first product of Sancoj which was building based on centralized platform. After getting ready Zingo it will be absolutely free for world.  There will be no transaction fees.

This is the first project where I read about their logo in their whitepaper. Sancoj logo includes two colours which are Green and Blue. Green stands for Grass, Productivity, Opportunity and smart work. This gave felling of productive and smart work. And Blue stands for wealth, success, confidence, intelligence, security and stability. This shows success and wealth which was produced by work and productivity. That’s why we called Sancoj  One stop internet marketplace

SANCOJ Features:

ZINGO:  AI agent which suggest profitable opportunities by analyzing user’s data.

Jobs search: Users can find and post jobs.

Marketplace: Users can buy any type of physical or digital goods.

Courses:  Different courses will be provided to users.

Lending: Users can give or take loan.

Socializing: Users can chat and make groups with each others.

Events: Users can post, search, book and monitor tasks.

Exams and certification: Users can gave online exams and get verified certificates.

Contests:  Users can start any types of contest or participate any of them.

Wallet: P2P cryptocurrency wallet without any intermediaries.

Talent production: If you are having any unique talent then you must use this platform here you can post your talents in the mode of audio or video.

Bulk liquidity: Send and receive any amount of money without offending any rules.

Debit Card: Users can spend their SANC tokens on POS and ATM machines around the world.

Contract and Contract profiling:

Escrow: It also offers escrow services.

And much more features are this platform have.

ZINGO specification

Data recognition: ZINGO recognize the user’s data.

Classification of DATA: Ability to group data based on characteristics.

Data Analysis: Able to analyze each user’s data group.

Algorithm: Different task different algorithm.

Predictions: Zingo provides predicted outcomes to users.


How it Works

  • Post opportunity: Users can post opportunities on provided page.
  • Find opportunity: Users can find opportunity on their needs.
  • Find people: Users can make friends and can start chat with them, with this users can find buyers or sellers too.
  • Meet ZINGO: Zingo’s artificial intelligence agent analyses users data and provide most suitable opportunities to the users.


Building of project is already started, we can expect alpha version in April 2018. For a while you can see snapshots of already developed products on project’s  whitepaper.

Sacnoj Token specification and ICO distribution

Token name: SANCOJ

Ticker: SANC

Token platform: ERC20 based

Total token: 100,000,000,000 SANC

Token for ICO: 50,000,000,000 SANC

Price per token: 0.0005$

Early investors:  10%

Reserve: 30%

Team: 5%

Others: 5%

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Note: The ICO funds will be escrowed by 2 reputable CET members. Are Lauda and Mitchell.


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