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E-commerce industry is growing day by day. But safety of users data is may getting compromised. Companies are offering safety of product and others identities but they not able to offer or fulfill the safety of users data. Nowadays users not like to register in any platform they want to access site quickly. There are some other unrealistic problems which need to get solve quickly like verification process, late payment, refund option and registrations.

Here safein offers a single  sign on digital wallet enabling for quickly, safely and conveniently access of platforms. We may can say users can use safein as payment for One-stop-shop for all on line authentications and payments without passing through long registration process. Also without showing or sharing your true identity.

Problems in E-commerce industry

There are five problems in E-commerce industry as mentioned in safeins whitepaper.

  1. Bad experience
  2. Mismanage of users data
  3. Threats to online security
  4. Barriers for regulated business
  5. Universal compatible e-wallet


1. Bad User Experience: The first thing as users we need to sign up  which is really taking long time and sometimes it takes more time than we think. Filling form with our name , mail id, address, shipping address, purposes, mode of payments and others option its irritating for users. Also sometimes sites ask to verify mobile at the time of registration and mail id too which need at least five minutes to arrive and verify.  It is more irritating when we have to provide same data on more than one site, numbers of time.

The second thing is in sign up process is KYC and AML process, Sometime this is very difficult. You have to share your personal data with sites and they took more than five days to complete verification. In one research it was founded that KYC  verification cost  up to 20$ per customer. That is why companies requires to keep one team of KYC specialists.

2.  Lack of transparency in data management

Data of users are more valuable than they think. Users data like mail id, age, locations, mobile number can be easily use to sell to higher bidder, which they use to advertising. As per one report 76% users think the data which are asked them to submit at the time of registration are intrusive and unnecessary.

Recently lots of airdrop campaigns are started. Most of them are asking users to submit their mail id which are used to scam people by sharing their mail ids with their partner.

There is no need of providing your mail id, name, age, gender or locations to merchants, they just want to know that you qualify for the product which you are going to buy or  not.

3. Threats to online security

Threats to cyber criminal is not new thing. But cyber criminal was increased in last few years. That is the reason why people are not preferring online shopping’s. Most of the e-commerce sites are not able to protect their users data.

Recently in 2016 more than 1.1 billion identities are exposed in data breaches. And same happens with 2017 company name Equifax alone exposed 143 million accounts in first half of the year.

So believing in e-commerce sites is tough but with the time way of work of e-commerce sites are also changing. E-commerce companies are trying to protect users data but they are not always able to keep data safe.

4. Barriers for regulated businesses:

You can’t just come and launch an project  and wait to see on the moon. Every country has their own rules and regulations. In some countries you have to take permission from govt to start any project either online or offline. Mostly online businesses are not regulated with govt laws until they get more fans. You can’t access adult sites if you are under 18 hence its impossible to stop users to access, that’s why site owners are asking for KYC which is really irritating for users submitting same thing again and again who likes?

Restrictions are vary from country to country. Some place you can’t do something at the age of 18 but same thing you can do till the age of 25. It’s suitable if your business is in particular country but not if you have worldwide.

5. Universal compatible e-wallet: Blockchain is the new and safest technology ever with cryptocurrency system. Most of the e-wallets are not offering universal wallets. Here safein is offering compatible universal e-wallet. This wallet will be one stop payment solution for traditional and crypto currency payment method. Also it deduct payment fees in currency which merchant wants.

Solutions for E-commerce industry

  1. Digital wallet and Payment: Safein may launch fully licensed EU electronic money institution which works according to laws. As well as user can convert their one currency to another for e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum tokens, and other known crypto currencies. As EU Electronic Money Institution license will safein have which help safein to connect with SEPA network and allow users to deposit and withdraw in EU banks will make easy. Safein may launch plastic cards.
  2. Single Sign On: Safein is very easy to use as his first step, sign up process, is so easy. There is no need to register  to log in into website.
  3. Data protection: Safein aiming to not to ask personal details of customer. But safein will educate merchants and guide them either they have to ask for KYC or not. This will work like ” need to know” to merchants and users privacy will be safe.
  4. Multi factor and digital identity authentication: Security of users is the first priority of safein. Users can set up finger print login on their mobile devices. Users can set up and can remove finger print setting in their mobile device, wallet. Users can also set pin code in their mobile app, can track their activity history which includes logins and payments and last used devices and can cancel their used devices.
  5. KYC procedure and MVP: Safein is currently in talk with automated ID verification service provider to provide better result and satisfaction to users. Where users only need to scan their ID and upload on site.   Safein MVP is now live you can check that here on


Token distribution and ICO

Total Token Supply 1,000,000,000 SFN tokens

Reserve for 3 years: 60%

Reserve for Team and Advisor : 10%

Safein Registration Pool: 10%

Initial Coin Offering: 10%

Safein Login Pool: 05%

Safein referral pool: 05%

ICO start date: 25 April 2018

Soft Cap: 4K ETH

Hard Cap: 12500 ETH

SFN Token Rate: 1 ETH = 9000 SFN tokens


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You can contact us on BitcoinTalk: Ankit10

ETH address: 0xFFB9a31520965eE021D634Af67ea2ac6A1606BF3

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