s3ntigrapH A Decentralized presentation of cumulative emotion coordinates

S3ntigraphS3NTIGRAPH platform was luanched to know  individual’s performance and emotions. There are many incidents happens in our llife at public place, school, work’s place, in market and many other places. Which directly or indirectly affect on our feelings towards other, emotions, moods and way of living life and what other’s , your friends,  family members, neighbors think about you. Here s3ntigraph come’s in action. S3ntigraph is a concise, carefully implemented distributed applications which will keep your sentiments on the way when you are communicating with others. Also s3ntigraph not only cumulative sentiments of neighbors also chart them to understand.

There are such tools which shows people’s and countries minds and way of livings. Also it shows how many percentage of people are happy or sad  in specific country. Tools are Gross Domestic Product and Gross National Happiness, GDP is a tool which shows any country’s economic  situation and GNH  tool for measuring the overall well being of humans. This both tools can’t show the individual’s state of mind. We need new inovative tool which track our daily relations with others, emotions, happiness, this data will helpful in any authority, parent, teacher, governing body and etc.

“Happiness tells us how well a society satisfies the major concerns of people’s everyday life. GDP is a measure limited to one aspect of economic life, the production of material goods. The aphorism that money isn’t everything in life, applies here. If happiness were to supplant GDP as a leading measure of societal wellbeing, public policy might perhaps be moved in a direction more meaningful to people’s lives.

Gerd Leonhard, 2016

Here is solution for this problem and the name of this solution is S3NTIGRAPH, it is based on blockchain technology. Which collecting the computed data of individuals assistance in a decentralized manner by using ethereum blockchain smart contract technology. It gives real time information of happines or emotions to the users.This also helps government to stop illigal activities, psychology and criminology.

Here small detail on roadmap od S3ntigraph, Platform has already finished proof of concept, s3ntigraph smart contract, platform setup ex. Mango DB. Algorithm was in progress which will sompleted in sep 2017 also app for android and iOS will available on same . Platform will get integrated with twitter, facebook and various review based platform in Jan 2018 also on same they will expand their team. In May 2018, integration with polling system, extensive outreach to research universities and institutes, news streams, publications, banks, hospital and Gov. Partnership with IBM’s Watson , amazon and google.

Crowdsale will start on 20th July 2017 and will end on 4th Aug 2017.  investors can invest by using three crypto currencies BTC, Waves and ETH with paper wallets not from exchanges. Graph tokens will be allocated to investors in their Waves wallet.

1 Graph token is equals to 1 Waves

Total Grapah tokens will generated in crowdsale is 500,000. 75 percent of graph tokens will distributed to investors . 20 percent dedicated to S3ntigrapg team for motivate and future use. And remaining five percent of graph tokens will distributed amongs all participants of Bounty or Marketing campaign.

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