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Stable cryptocurrencies are considered as one of the best coins for the traders. Which provides the safety of the fund of holders. All cryptocurrencies are filled with pump and dump or up and down but stable coins are the coins that don’t get affected with it. There are already few coins in the market called Stable Coins and out of them Tether coin considered as one of the best stable coins.

The website is Gone.

Stable currencies help traders to keep their profit or part of coins at a safe place. Like Fiat, converting coins into fiat is not easy in comparison to Coin to Coin. Stable coins help traders to secure their coins. As most of the stable coins are backed with USD, 1 to 1. There are also coins that are backed by Gold.

Rockz is the solution to the cons faced by other stable coins. AlpRockz (APZ) is backed by Swiss Franc, 1 AZ for 1 Swiss Franc. AlpRockz is a fully transparent asset-backed coin. Most of the stable coins are not fully transparent either they are partially transparent or not. Transparency of AlpRockz can be checked by an international independent auditor on a monthly basis. AlpRockz company owns holds 90% of Swiss Franc in banknotes stored in Swiss Alp Bunkers and Vaults. And the other 10% will be stored in various banks of swiss.

Bounty campaign; 2% of total sold tokens will be allocated into this campaign. This campaign will run till 30th Jan 2019. You can join Bounty campaigns here.

Team Details

Alexey Borichev Founder (Yassine graduated in International Relations from the University of Geneva (The Graduate Institute) and has been working for the United Nations before joining banks such as UBS, Credit Suisse, and Julius Baer. He specialized in servicing banks and other non-banks Financial Institutions)

Yassine Ben Hamida Founder (After graduating from the Moscow Aviation University as an engineer, Alexey has worked for a couple of years in engineering at Sukhoi, before joining prestigious banks such as ING and Promsvyazbank. He held various senior management roles in trading, specializing in FX and Interest Rates, before joining Novatek in Switzerland as CFO.)

Tal Cohen Advisor (Tal is a successful tech-entrepreneur and advisor. Until 2017 he worked with such companies as Vivendi-Universal Games, McKinsey & Co, Google,, CFD & FX, Flex, Qualcomm, Solarin. In late 2017 he co-founded Compass Blockchain Technologies together with the Eastmore Group. Tal has been involved in multiple blockchain ventures and ICOs, including Sirin Labs, )

ICO and Token details

Token name: AlpRockz (APZ)

Total token: 175,000,000 APZ

Private sale date: 1st July 2018 to 30th Jan 2019

ICO starts: TBA (Q1 2019)

ICO ends: TBA (Q1 2019)

Token rate: 0.60$

Minimum purchase: 1000 CHF (Private sale) and 300 CHF (for ICO)

Hard cap: 12,500,000

Token distribution

60% Treasury (In escrow with vesting mechanism over a minimum of 36 months)

15% of Founders and team members & Advisors

10% seed investors

10% Private sale (vesting for 18 months)

05% Public sale

Fund Allocation

55% Development and Operations of Rockz platform

20% Marketing terms and other blockchain innovations

15% Reserve for unplanned events

10% Legal and compliance

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