RETAIL.GLOBAL - White Label Solution Powering Global Sales

Retail Global – Business-As-A-Service Ecommerce Ecosystem

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Retail Global Review

RETAIL.GLOBAL - White Label Solution Powering Global Sales

Retail Global is Complete White Label Solution Powering Global Sales for Retails and Manufacturers


Online retailers and shopping are growing day by day. But better users experience are not provided by any of them. Hence there is a requirement of something new and unique, which solves current problem’s. By uniting all local and international e-commerce experts, companies, services, and others to expand global selling power of retailers and manufacturers by own online brand store. According to there whitepaper, they have the 10-years experience in such fields by developing projects for the local market, like revenue stream. Now with the help of Blockchain technology and ICO they are launching themselves on the global scale.

E-commerce market problem

Lack of carrying capacity: This is the era of online and Blockchain technology, in most of the underdeveloped and developing countries retailers don’t have much idea about online selling, some of may have but they don’t trust. Some of them don’t have proper resources to run such shops.

No proper software:  Retailers may find some working software in the market but not all of them are well maintained, some of them are outdated and some of them are crucial to understanding. Software developers are asking for the high amount of fees which is really just ridiculous.

Laws of different countries: Every country has their own language, time, taxes, and services. Some big companies are also faced same problems but realistically they solved such problems in their own way.

Promos and loyalty programs: To promote the product and the shop promos and loyalty programs are much important for retailers. But at the current time, it is very difficult for the marketing department.

Slow innovation: Finding trusted developers is the very hard thing for nowadays, even after you get one of them then still it’s hard to compete with others in a market because of slow work of your developer.

E-commerce market solution; from Retail Global

Retail Global generates revenue: The Omni-channel tool from Retail Global will make both online and offline shopping equally personalized. Big shopping centers can create an online store on Retail Global, customers can buy goods from the online store saving the time and money of both maintained.

Efficient use of retail stocks: The function of the Retail Global was developed on smart contract for the safety of the buyers and sellers, sellers may get their money after the buyer check the product.

Access to global market: retailers can enter in new markets at once. Retail Global provides multilingual functions so local people understand the website or product.

Loyalty programmes: Smart contract allows to distribute loyalty tokens equally. Retail Global also allows retailers to create own loyalty programmes. Open API function will be provided to integrate the third party blockchain systems.

Retail Global (RGT) Token specification and ICO details:

Name of token:  N/A

Token ticker: RGT

Token type: ERC20

Total token supply:  100M PROD tokens

ICO start date: 17 July 2018

ICO end date:  31 Aug 2018

A rate of a token (ICO): 1$

Minimum purchase in ICO: 15 RGT

Retail Global (RGT) Token distribution details:

Token sale: 60%

Referral: 5%

Founders and Team: 10%

Option Pool & M&A Reserve: 10%

Tech Support & Advisory: 10%

Contact Link:











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