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What is Relest?

Relest is the real estate rental auction platform. Where landlords post their listings for selling their product at high price and tenants place bid on the landlord’s listings. This is the same as other traditional auction sites but with different features. Users can put their ordinary advertisements on relest website.  The landlord put their listings initial price and bid rules like time duration and minimum bid for individuals, after listing product will appear to the potential buyers, highest bidder get the ownership of the product. The platform will available on the web site and in the future, it will also on Android and iOS. Bidder’s and landlords can chat about the listings in the personal message box.

How Relest Makes Profit?

There are several ways to make a profit from this project, to run the project smoothly.

Subscription: This is the best way to gain profit from the project. Users have to pay a fee to join the platform.

Chargeable Services: To raise the auction to the top, to restore archived listings, to highlight listing on the search page. This is a chargeable service provided by relest to gain revenue.

Advertisement for moving carriers: When viewing photos of the real estate, a page with the advertisement of moving carries will open with the last photo. Contacts of moving carrying companies on the aggregate page will be hidden behind the “Show phone number” button, and a fee will be charged for each pressing by a unique visitor, i.e. pay per click (PPC)


Real EState Token – REST

Service on Relest platform will pay in Real EState Token (or REST Token ). REST tokens are issued on Ethereum blockchain platform in compliance with the ERC20 standard. Landlords and tenants have to use REST tokens to pay or to sell for.


Initial Coin Offering: 

REST crowdsale  is going to start on 18th Sept 2017 and will end after 2 weeks from start.  1 REST = 0.001 ETH. Bonuses, for first 2 hours REST 1.5=0.001ETH (50% bonus), 1st day after excluding first two hours: 1.3REST = 0.001 ETH ( 30% bonus)  and more bonuses. 70% of the total tokens will be distributed in ICO. 27% for developers wallets, for future use, or (etc.). 3% for the bounty campaign.

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