Quantum1Net – Quantum world on the Blockchain! ICO review

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Quantum1Net team planned to start an ICO to make this project more stable for future and to protect digital transaction with having future crypto currency future proof. With ICO raised funds Quantum1Net can help Quantum Key Encryption Services to grow more.

As per the Qunatum1Net’s Yellow Paper Prototype of the project is ready and working fine. And the other development programs are performing in the background.

What is Quantum1Net

Quantum computing age growing very fast and it looks like  Quantum computing is the major threat for all type of Encryptions like RSA. Quantum1Net will provides technologies to make hacking of these mechanisms easy and feasible.

Quantum computers and mechanism uses unique products which helps in calculations to perform very easily in compare to simple or ordinary computers. Which saves more time of users and helps to complete task within time or before end time. Also it make our data safe better way in compare to ordinary computer.

Quantum1Net has developed new and better solutions for these upcoming and hard problem. Quantum1Net  system allows for the generation of intrinsically random sequences of numbers, in Quantum Encrypted Key Generation (QEKG) technology this mechanism helps to secure and store data and transfer of data.

Quantum1Net ICO and Token Specification

Quantum1Net  has a planned to launch an two different tokens based on Ethereum Blockchain. One is Silver Coin (Q1S) and Second one (Q1G) is Gold coin. Silver Coin is already launched in February . Gold coin will launch in two parts, In march limited amount of Gold Coin will launch and rest of them will launch in Jan 2019. ICOs will also perform accordingly.

ICO detail for Quantum1Silver Token

Total Token: 30,000,000 Q1S

Token name:

Silver Coin (Q1S)

Gold Coin (Q1G)

Start Date: Feb 02 2018

End Date: March 09 2018

Soft Cap: 3,500,000 EUR

Hard Cap: 15,000,000 EUR

Token Rate: 1 ETH = 1000 Q1S (Excluding bonuses)

ICO for Gold Coin Token will take place in 2019

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Quantum1Net – Quantum world on the Blockchain! ICO review

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