PureGold – GoldBacked CryptoCurrency ! ICO is Over

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PureGold.sg was started in 2010 as an e-commerce store for selling or buying Coins or Bars of Gold or Silver. PureGold is a Singapore based company. This company does not only have a physical retail shop as well as manage and runs an online company too, www.bullioncurrencies.com Which assists online users to use gold for all their transactions. Puregold is not limited scope, they also won the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Year of 2012. Bullion Currencies PVT LTD is a subsidiary of PureGold.sg PVT LTD. PureGold team believes in Gold, they think Gold is Money.

In this blockchain era, puregold doesn’t want to leave their chance. So they decided to launch an online project based on Blockchain. The first payment gateway using PGG which will be supported by Gold.

PureGold has offered two cryptocurrencies name as PGT and PGG on different ledgers. PGG price will be based on physical gold and price will set at the current market rate.

Some components which PureGold platform has.

PureGold stored value card: PureGold will issue value cards to their consumers which can store both PGG and PGT.

PG payment terminal: Merchants can accept PG Cards for payment values of the product.

PureGold dispenser machine: These machines will be available in a few years if everything went well.

PGPay payment gateway: To completes the suite of the back end system and front end system app to run online and mobile transactions.

Is PureGold is differnt than other gold crypto’s!

PureGold will be the first payment gateway which will use PGG supported by Gold.

Two tokens one PGT for transactions on-site and the second one is PGG is a digitized form of physical gold.

100% transparency of Gold in storage will be available.

PureGold using third party Safe House to store physical gold.

Fastest registration process and user identification process.

Application Programming Interface (API) for supporting application software.


PGG Applications

PureGold is based on Ethereum blockchain tokens. The chose Ethereum blockchain because it is the most suitable and easily accessible platform which provide all blockchain needs in one place.  Let’s see some applications and functions which PGG is going to launch or use. Saving Storage: PGG offering long term and secure storage with some options like converting the gold to fiat or to some form of cryptocurrency such as LTC, DOGE, BTC, etc.


Specifications of PGG and PGT token

Emission: PGG never exceeds the total amount of storage of the gold. PGT emitted in limited supply.

Exchange rate: 1 PGG = 1 gram of gold plus 5% commission. The variance between PGG and gold is no more than 4%. 1 PGT = 1 ETH definitely rate will depend on exchanges.

Applications: Depends on agreement by PGG. Used for transaction fees, exchange for goods or services.

Features: Price depends on Gold price. PGT price depends on public demand.

Token swap: PGG will launch after the token swap. PGT will release via a token swap.

PureGold platform: KYC needed to use PGG on the platform. PGT can be used anywhere online. Also on puregold for transaction fees at a low rate. For  exchange of goods and services.


Token Swap details

Total Token supply: 50,000,000 PGT

Minimum Target: 10,000,000 PGT

Minimum join: 0.1 ETH

PGT rate:  1 ETH =  700 PGT

If puregold failed to raise the minimum target of 10,000,000 PGT then they will return ETH to participants.

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