The Productivist Blockchain Project

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The Productivist Blockchain Project


Manufacturing is currently metamorphosing as technology advances. In a world which has been squeezed by a weakened economy over the last 10 years, large companies are rethinking their way to reach maximum profitability (Productivist).

Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0, manufacturing companies are challenged to find more efficient ways to handle a global demand with limited investments to stay competitive while buyers demand better sourcing, fairer prices and more transparency in the solutions they’re offered.

The Productivist Blockchain Project aims to create an open data stream whereby private individuals and companies of any scale can contribute to power the Industrial Revolution 4.0. The Productivist Blockchain Project wishes to create a new standard for all manufacturing technologies.

Thanks to the Blockchain technology, they will be able to build an open system that will manage the chain of command of manufacturing 4.0 by decentralizing production. By doing so manufacturers and their clients will be provided with a remote and practical solution, with not only secured data and transactions but also transparency.

But, how does it work?

The project allows the customer to qualify the best manufacturer in stock for its specific order, through a list created by Productivist where they are selected according to punctuation based on their capabilities. And then allocating a slot in his manufacturing flow for that specific job while informing the buyer live of the progression of his order.


When a file is transferred with its technical information, Productivist guarantees the authorship, safeguarding, and destination of this file.A manufacturing machine connected to the blockchain makes it “smart” and enables the real-time monitoring of the production, by connecting all these machines to this trusted network, Productivist can detect production time availability and send instructions to available devices.


In addition, employing real-time monitoring the actual production level, it is possible to balance efforts between machines and set up a real solution for production schedule. But not all manufacturing machine existing in the market can connect this network, so in order to develop connectivity for all hardware, a smart device was created to allow any machine or system to connect to the Productivist Blockchain Project.


Where is the trick?

There is no trick in moving forward, connecting a manufacturing machine to the Productivist blockchain will be advantageous for its owner.  Not only will he have remote access to its production schedule, but if “commercial mode” is activated, it will be possible, to send production instructions directly to his machine and fill production time voids without his intervention. The optimization of production capacities this solution offers will bring economies of scale to a saturated market.

The blockchain technology allows Freelabster (Creator of Productivist) to disrupt the system they have already built with a bigger vision. Productivist takes a centralized system and turns it decentralized so that anyone can have free access to any manufacturer.


Productivist Token specification and ICO details:

Name of token:  ProducToken

Token ticker: PROD

Token type: ERC20

Total token supply:  100M PROD tokens

ICO start date: 01 May 2018

ICO end date:  31 July 2018

A rate of a token (ICO):  0.1€

Minimum purchase in ICO: 10 PROD

Productivist Token distribution details:

Token sale: 61.7 %

Foundation: 17%

Founders and Team: 16%

External Marketing and external marketing: 5%

Team of Productivist


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