Personal Data exchange based on blockchain – PikcioChain ICO Review

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We as a whole realize that information has huge value but its provenance and legitimacy can be hard to confirm, leaving organizations defenseless against fraud and unable to value information with certainty.

The PikcioChain is a secure and distributed permission based platform specializing in the collection, certification and exchange of personal information. PikcioChain gives businesses trade and exchange personal data in complete security and with confidence, while at the same time engaging people by giving them control of their own information and empowering them to realize its financial value.

Pikcio has been intended to store, secure, check and certify information while guaranteeing the information source holds full control of their data constantly. Pikcio gives the client a chance to pick how to share their information, who to share it with, while additionally giving them the chance to be paid for its use.

By engaging the individual, Pikcio creates certainty for businesses. As the administrative spotlight concentrates on the information industry, organizations need to discover proficient approaches to consent to new standards like the EU’s GDPR mandate, and they have to realize that the information they’re purchasing is both authentic and legitimately available.

In only three years, Pikcio has been recognized as an elegant solution to an unpredictable issue. Our center benefit of guaranteeing security by configuration has been comprehended by many to speak to the eventual fate of the information industry. Its implementation within Pikcio has prompted a scope of operational partnerships with major business that have the ability to change the way millions of individuals consider and utilize their own information.

PikcioChain is a profoundly secure and appropriated permission-based platform designed to collect, certify and exchange personal information in a sans server condition that keeps the individual information provider in control. PikcioChain goes about as a data expressway, empowering people and organizations to meet up to make an information commercial center with two methods of access.

Pikcio breaks open the exclusive world of data trading and set information ownership back under the control of the information creator. It speaks to the democratization of the information markets and the most attractive method for ensuring that the estimation of a man’s information dependably flows back to them.

By making straightforward and self-regulated information trading ecosystem, Pikcio engages organizations to trade information with certainty and in full consistency with the desires of the information proprietor and the significant administrative condition.

As a PKC holder, you will encourage an insurgency in the information economy. Your association will bring straightforwardness, security, and control to an industry in which the people whose information the whole market depends on have very frequently been missing.


PikcioChain works a decentralized structure that gives singular clients a chance to keep control of their information since it is put away completely just on their individual gadgets (in spite of the fact that encrypted information can be shared onto approved system hubs for backup purposes).

The PikcioChain lies at the core of the Pikcio ecosystem and offers organizations and individual clients two diverse gateways through which they can have access to it

  • PikcioPro lets companies offer or use services (e.g. commercial offers, data portability) based on their customers’ data permissions and certification.
  • PikcioMe is the gateway for individual end-users, enabling them to communicate and share data safely with third parties.

PKC is the token that makes the entire Pikcio ecosystem work. PKC can be utilized as a part of a comparable route to exclusive money inside the Pikcio arrange. At the point when utilized in this way, it can be a medium of exchange encouraging the buying and selling of data.

Read more here on whitepaper.

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