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PayperEx – Share market on the blockchain

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The cryptocurrency market has been growing rapidly since it saw its first spark of sunlight, back in 2009. This increasingly important market is calling for a share market that actually suits it. This is where PayperEx joins the game! PayperEx, using share units called “Paypers”, is planning to become the greatest share market of the cryptocurrency world.

Using the power of blockchain technology, PayperEx aims to provide the most secure, fast, and transparent trading service. This new trading platform has many advantages over a traditional exchange, which often limit their users at various parts of the trading process. One such limits are geographical restrictions. Some trading platforms only allow people from certain countries trading on them, which is quite unfair to the people who don’t live in these countries. The decentralized platform, PayperEx, allows people from all over the globe to utilize its features.


PayperEx utilizes a kind of share-based units you can trade with. For each asset (Cryptocurrencies or companies that issue their shares in PayperEx), there is a limited amount of Paypers available. These Paypers will be available in 2 different kinds, as “BULL” Paypers and as “BEAR” Paypers.
If you think the price of an asset will rise, you’d buy the “BULL” Payper. If you think the price is gonna drop, you’d buy the “BEAR” Payper of said asset. As you see, you will be able to make money, even if the price of an asset drops, unlike most current cryptocurrency exchanges, which only make you money if their price rises.


Payperex price Tokens (PAX)
Another important feature of PayperEx is PAX. This token will be used for EVERY activity on the platform. This means that you’ll need PAX to buy Paypers and you’ll be paid in PAX as well when you sell them. It is the only “currency” used on PayperEx, which means that you’ll have to turn your Bitcoins into PAX before being able to trade them for Paypers on the PayperEx platform.
There will also be a private wallet for PAX. This private wallet will provide full control over your funds and allow you to keep it hidden under more security than a regular exchange. More information about this can be found on their official website:


Why you should use PayperEx ?

  • (Almost) no geographical restrictions
  • Easy to use
  • Secure
  • Fee Sharing Structure
  • Decentralized
  • Transparent
  • Allows you to join both the up and the down trends
  • Available 24/7

Although some countries may restrict the use of the internet or specific parts of the internet, the decentralized exchange of Payperex price will be available to anyone who has internet access. This decentralization also allows for a 24/7 availability of the platform.

The trading platform won’t sacrifice its security for its simplicity. Although it’s very easy to use, it will utilize blockchain technology to provide private wallets for its users. This same blockchain technology also allows the platform to share the fees with Payper holders, the existence of a decentralized system, and transparent transactions.
The way the system works, with Paypers and PAX, doesn’t only allow you to join them up, but also the downtrends, unlike most of the cryptocurrency-based trading platforms currently around, which let you buy/sell the cryptocurrency itself, but not the up/down-trends.

More features, like the Buy & Sell Limit Orders, which let you plan your future trades, are to be found in the whitepaper, at


The Team
Another important aspect of an ICO is its team. The team of PayperEx certainly looks capable, with over 15 years of experience in the financial sector. The team consists out of multiple professionals, each specialized in adding their part to the project. The team consists out of Yaniv Baruch, Menahem Maya, Denis Rohlinsky, Noa Pistokzi, Natalia German, Dror Shem-Tov, and Tal Miller. Descriptions, photos, and professions corresponding to these team members can be found in the whitepaper.


So… Is it too late to join?
Although the ICO has been running steadily for almost a full month already and has raised more than 800 Bitcoins with a total value of multiple millions of dollars, it’s not even halfway there! The ICO will stay right where it is, giving away its tasty tokens, for another 2 months, until it reaches its end on the 19th of December 2017, or if the cap is reached earlier than token sale cap of 4,000,000,000 is reached earlier than that.

At a small cost of 0.00002 BTC, each token costs less than 10 cents. The minimum quantity of tokens you can purchase at the token sale is 1000, which means that you’ll have to pay at least 0.02 bitcoins to join the ICO, although you could join ICO groups and join in for less than that.


In my honest opinion, it’s definitely worth it to invest in this ICO, as it’s a great alternative to regular exchanges and offers a wide variety of additional features that could only work positively for the user. The decentralization of the share market and creating a new market for the cryptocurrency world to utilize is a great concept. The only thing we can do now is investing in the project and hoping for the best possible outcome: The decentralized trading platform taking over the share market.

More information about the token sale and PayperEx can be found on PayperEx’s website, at
For detailed information, the whitepaper is recommended, which you can find at

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