OneK Coin – Less supply more demand

Last Updated on July 26, 2020 by CryptoCreed

OneK coin is Ethereum based ERC20 standard token with “very low market supply”, less supply more demand. Here K means kilo ( thousand), the total supply of OneK coin is 1000 tokens only. The main purpose of why oneK is in the market is no FUD ( Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). OneK coin is available at very low price at ICO (1 oneK = 0.125 ETH or 1 ETH = 8 oneK). ICO starts on 13th September and will end on 28th September 2017. The target to raise funds in ICO is 100 ETH. The funds will use for development, listing on exchanges (like cryptopia) and marketing and a small portion of ICO funds will be used to set up buy wall to ensure your investment with good ROI.

You can get your OneK coin by joining their bounty campaign or by buying in ICO. For more details about how to join in ICO was available on official announcement thread.

Token Specification:

Algorithm: ETH token ERC20

Maximum Supply: 1000 tokens

Contract Address (verify this address through official ann thread):  0xb23be73573bc7e03db6e5dfc62405368716d28a8  

Symbol: ONEK

Decimals: 18


ICO Fund Allocation:

Contact Link:






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