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Technology has improved significantly over the last 20 years to the point where it is now quite easy and cost-efficient to provide tutoring services online. While many independent tutors and tutoring companies view this as a favorable change in the industry it also poses many threats to existing businesses.

There are many programs out there on the market today claiming to provide excellent online tutoring for reasonable prices. With the current state of western education, it is becoming a necessity to have outside help in all levels of students who want to succeed. Students often need one on one coaching and interaction to truly take charge of their education.

Tutor Ninja Token («NTOK») is a worldwide decentralized ecosystem for proceeding with education aimed at enabling tutors and students to interface through an online platform based on a blockchain.

The education market is quickly moving from offline to online. Coaching, one of the greatest portions of segments of the education market is anticipated to achieve US$227 billion by 2022. As of now, online tutoring accounts represent just 3 to 5% of the coaching market, however, is relied upon to grow fast and move toward becoming standard in the fields of language study, preschool planning, supplementary direction for K-12 students, proceeding with professional education.

The current tutoring market lacks innovation as:

  • Most courses are offline and students are compelled to invest significant time traveling
  • Middlemen (commercial schools and study centers) take noteworthy cuts
  • The few tutors who offer distance learning courses are typically compelled to utilize Skype, which isn’t suited for educational purposes
  • It is hard to find a tutor to provide specific support for individual learning objectives;
  • Students choose educators on the basis of questionable and once in a while fake ratings

The NTOK platform is aimed at taking care of every one of these issues by building up a web-based tutoring ecosystem based on blockchain technology. NOK’s key members are tutors and students. Different members incorporate educational content and device providers who are keen on drawing in NTOK audience’s attention to their products. The primary concentration of the NTOK platform is on foreign languages, other mainstream subjects and topics, preschool education, supplementary guideline for K-12 students, and coding and blockchain courses. NTOK makes it workable for tutors specializing in various subjects to join the platform. Subsequent to finishing a series of online lessons, the student can begin working with an alternate guide on a similar subject, or he/she can study with several tutors at the same time.

The open idea of the platform implies that the ecosystem will be able to expand rapidly. In NTOK Coin, each student can discover a tutor and each tutor can discover a student. Not at all like other “go-between” models for uniting students and tutors together, NTOK Coin has taken an insignificant commission for coordinate contact: this makes it conceivable to produce enthusiasm for the service by keeping it affordable, to lessen the cost of the service, and to pull in a more prominent number of students into the ecosystem.

The focal piece of the platform is the NTOK ICO crypto-token which is utilized for different purposes, for the most part, to pay for lessons by students and earning income by teachers and content providers.

Transactions on the NTOK ICO platform will be paid for utilizing the NTOK token. We comprehend that a few members or participants may not find buying and selling crypto-tokens altogether intuitive at first. To make the platform as open as workable for everyone, we mean to disentangle the token purchasing process by enabling clients to utilize conventional fiat currency payment methods, while creating incentives for them to use the tokens specifically.

NTOK ICO points of interest

The pre-sale is to take place between December 5th, 2017, and January 15th, 2017. Amid such pre-sale, NTOK tokens will be sold subject to a certain base buy of the NTOK tokens valued at 1 NTOK = $1.00. Additional bonuses may be given amid pre-sale. The public sale period of the ICO is to take place on January 15th, 2018, and February 15th, 2018. The ICO period could be additionally broadened if required. Tokens are required to be distributed within 2 weeks after the ICO ends or earlier. NTOK tokens will be issued at an initial price of $ 1.00 each amid the first week of the public sale period of the ICO. Amid such a public sale period, the price for the NTOK tokens will increase every week as set out in the table underneath.

First week             $ 1.00
Second week           $ 1.05
Third week            $ 1.10
Fourth week           $ 1.15
Fifth week               $ 1.20


NTOK Solution

We are building up a decentralized peer-to-peer platform to create a global ecosystem for continuing education, where the key members or participants (tutors and students) can locate each other. The NTOK platform is aimed at permitting NTOK token-holders, the two tutors and students, to interact directly. One of NTOK objectives is to remove the middlemen such as commercial schools and study centers and to create economic benefits for the key members or participants in the ecosystem.

For more information visit NTOK’s twitter and telegram group.

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