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NTOK is Blockchain based online education platform. Where Students can directly contact with tutors on this blockchain based platform. The NTOK has already launched PreSale and 26 days still left to end Pre-Sale. Full name of NTOk is “Tutor Ninja Token”. Interest of students in online learning is increasing day by day. Because students are getting more better facilities than offline learning. Online learning is not limited for learning any subject but it also connect country to country, people to people and culture to culture. Also it saves money and time of students and care of child for parents.

According to NTOK’s white paper there are some occasional problems which faced by students and their parents.

  1. Availability of courses: Most of courses are available offline. To get that courses students are forced to spend valuable time travelling.
  2.  Expenses: Schools and courses provider are charging their fees.
  3. Distance matters: There are only few tutors are available who are offering online education and they use Skype, which is not made for Educational purpose.
  4. Special treatment: Finding suitable Tutors is not easy as students think. What we see every time is not right. This is same in finding specific tutors.

NTOK is aiming to connect every persons who are officially or unofficially connected with Education. This includes Tutor, Students, Educational content provider and Education related device provider.

There are many Crowdsale who launch their ICOs without having any start of Project or Alpha or BETA version of project. But this is not in case of NTOK. NTOK have already Alpha version available.  You can found Alpha version of project here . This will help team to know about their product and feedback from users also help to develop original version of platform. Their are more than 98 tutors and 957 students are using this alpha version of NTOK.

There are many other platforms in this online education field but NTOK founders says that their main competitor is offline education market. NTOK wants opposite of current situation. There is also problem in current online educational platform is of fake rating on profile.  NTOK is taking care of this there will be transparent and secure information on the experience and quality of tutors through ranking and review system built on blockchain. NTOK has target of growth of online education market is from 3% in 2018 to 70% in 2022.

NTOK is giving incentive to their users to accumulate and hold tokens. Price of token may high in future with the increase of users on NTOK’s platform.

As we mentioned Pre sale is already started and is about to end in 26 day.  You can participate in Pre sale now and can claim upto 50% of bonus. After the Pre sale ends Main sale will took place at the rate of 1$ per token. Main sale will launch on 1st March 2018 with rate of 1$ per token and will end on 31st March at the rate of 1 token per 1.20$.

Token and ICO specification:

Token standard: ERC20

ICO rate:  1$=1Token

ICO start: 1st March 2018

ICO ends’: 31st March 2018

Token Distribution:

70% for Crowdsale

20% for Management and Advisors

07% for NTOK platform

03% for Bounty

Team:NTOK team

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