nametoken – the first decentralized domain eco system



Domain marketplace has a bright future. “Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man,” said by Bill Gates. Domains market value may increse by 7.2% or more in next five years. Domains are short term investment and high revenue generating money. Domains are sold in millions for ex, domain was sold in 35.6$ million and domain name was sold in 18M USD , there are many more domains which get sold in high price. Till the date more than 320 million domains are registered.

NameToken paltform is based on Ethereum blockchain. NameToken is the paltform which revolutionize the domain industry by creating the first decentralized domain eco-system. By developing this platform, may result of a increase in the value of a domain names. NameToken is creating marketplace to sell and buy domain names, all transaction on platform will handled through smart contracts, so safety are sure. You can earn NameTokens (NAT Token) for registring, listing, parking, buying and selling domain names.


Use of Funds
Use Of Funds
ICO Token Distribution
ICO Token Distribution

NameTokens crowdsale will start on 1st August 2017 and will end on 30th September 2017. Token symbol of NameToken is NAT. Total supplu of NAT token is 98,000,000 NAT. You can participate in NameTokens Initial Coin Offering by depositing BTC, ETH, LTC  to buy your NAT tokens. If you want to to get benifited with bonus then you should buy before bonuses get finished. Early buyer will get upto 50% bonus for NAT tokens.