What is MyCro (MyCroJobs)?

Simple jobs or tasks that people could carry out themselves but with regard to which they lack the necessary time, motivation or required skills.

MyCro is the app or project where employers get their job done within their Budget and Time as well as with their expected quality. And where Freelancer gets paid for their effort and time spent on job. By using Ethereum blockchain and smart contract transparency and speed of works increased by many times.

Mycro is for all type of freelancer and employers. Either they want home services like gardening, cleaning or washing, shopping or any transport services, virtual services like internet researches, planning or clerical work and moreover skilled jobs like tutoring, photography and lessons can be done by using MyCro APP. The design of APP is made in a way by which anyone can easily access and use it.

Benefits of MyCro

  1. Time and Money save

MyCro uses their own coin/token based on Ethereum Blockchain called MYO (MyCro Token). By using smart contract and blockchain technology payment can be done within a sec. Short term jobs can be posted on APP within a minute for free. By using self-learning algorithms job matches can be done within a minute with related jobber. This saves time and money both. Moreover, it saves more money because of low fees.

2. Secure rating and user data/verification

Most of time users select freelancer to get their work done on the basis of their rating. High rated freelancer gets more tasks. But some time users using fake reviews to increase their rating. To remove such spam Mycro keeps rating as decentralized. And users have to verify their account to get more job. As both are decentralized no one can misuse these two important features. And users data will be safe with the team.

3. MyCro Token (MYO)

MyCro platform allows users to use both Fiat and cryptocurrency. But using MyCro tokens provide extra rewards and chances to get more job. Users can use other crypto coins to bid on jobs but if they use MYO tokens then there are more chances to get Bid approves and rank high on the platform. The reward pool on platform uses to distribute tokens with those who use MYO tokens to use on platform.


CEO & Founder: Andre Bruckmann

CMO & Co-Founder: Christian Hampe


Nicolas Dillmann Co-Founder of Lab25

Investors & Partners

DLT Capital



Funds and Token Distribution

Fund Distribution

Marketing: 45%

Development: 40%

Banking & crypto: 8%

Legal: 7%

Token Distribution

Crowdsale: 66%

Reward Pool: 12%

Bounty program: 5%

Advisors and bonus: 8%

Team: 9%

Tokens and ICO details

Ticker: MYO

Total Tokens: 100,000,000

Soft and Hard Cap: 35M EURO & 140M EURO

ICO start: Q1 of 2019

Payment Method: Ethereum

Contact Links







Crowdsale 66%

Reward Pool: 12%

Bounty program: 5%

Advisors and bonus: 8%

Team: 9%

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