MoneyTech – Everyone Is Co-owner of the mining firm

Last Updated on August 18, 2020 by CryptoCreed

Update 2020: MoneyTech site is gone, project is a scam.

MoneyTech will launch ICO on 28th June 2017.

We all are familiar with the word “Mining”, the first cryptocurrency was mined eight years ago from now it is Bitcoin, and still, it growing its popularity. Mining crypto coins is very profitable but not easy. Mining coins is a long term process and it generates daily income for a long time. More and more people are joining the mining community but because of the prices of types of equipment and electricity cost, everyone can’t afford it.

If you can’t afford to built or buy mining components or hardware and you willing to start mining then here is a great opportunity to become the co-owner of the mining farm. To become co-owner of the mining farm you have to invest in money tech. farm and then divided will be paid automatically. Everyone has to invest when ICO will launch and have to buy MT tokens to become co-owner of a mining farm.

MoneyTech’s mining hardware is available in Ukraine, the team has selected Ukrain because this country has very cheap cost electricity. Currently, MoneyTech has two mining farms ETH and Zcash mining of more than 100,000 USD. Everyone can check their mining process in real-time on mining pools, ETH Pool, and Zcash pool. MoneyTech using two types of mining hardware, four and six video cards. From six video cards generate 3.6 ETH and 2.55 Zcash and from four video cards, it generates 2.4 ETH and 1.7 Zcash.

MoneyTech token is a first crypto token that allows everyone to earn profit from mining and become the co-owner of the mining farm. MoneyTech based on waves platform which issued 500,000 MT for ICO. Investors can buy MT tokens vis four different currency, USD, BTC, ETH, Monero and if you want to buy tokens using different currency then you can use Changelly to buy tokens.

ICO will launch on 28th June and will run for five weeks. Early birds can get the benefit of up to fifteen percent discount. The first week’s price per MT is 0.85 USD  and 0.03 USD per token will increase per week. After the successful end of ICO exchanging price per MT will 1 USD.

If all MT tokens get sold in the first week of the ICO, MoneyTEch may collect 425,000 USD and will distribute as given below.

83 percent will be spent on purchasing of components and the formation of seventy new farms.

12 The percent will available for technical premises and another operating cost

5 percent will available for founders’ compensation costs.

MoneyTech team analyzed the current rate of mining cryptocurrency and difficulties of mining algorithms, the team plan to mine 56,000 USD per month. The mined coin will be distributed as given below.

50 percent will be paid to monthly dividends

30 percent for the monthly purchase of new components

15 percent for maintaining farms

5 percent will distribute to founders.

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