Lucre – ICO review and Project details

What is Lucre?

Lucre is the automated trading system for cryptocurrencies. It provides you with the environment to trade better than to hodl the cryptocurrencies . Lucre says, don’t HODL your coins  trade it either in long or short ways because holding cryptocurrencies will be not profitable than trading. Lucre has the ability to keep profit on top in any situation of the market. Either it is dump or pump.

The Lucre’s philosophy is very interesting: Don’t HODL; Trade. Lucre trading algo will be running on Metatrader trading platform. The performance of the algo can be tracked by LCR tokens.

Benefits of Lucre

Minimize Emotions: Trade orders are funded automatically when trade are verified. Traders will not be able to hesitate about the trade. Automatic trading can curb those traders who fear of overtrade.

Ability to Backtest: Backtesting allows users to determine the traders expectation on winning or lose for per unit of risk.

 Preserve Discipline:  The trade executaed automatically and trade rules are pre established, discipline is preserved even in volatile markets.

Achieve Consistency: According to Lucre’s whitepaper the biggest challenges in trading is “to plan the trade and trade the plan”. The plans are sometime looks profitable but by because ignoring the rules but lucre’s system helps out of it.

Improved Order Entry Speed: The time is really very much important in trading are for traders. Even a second can result of huge lose or profit. Lucre’s trading system is very fast and instant. All the orders are automatically generated.

24X7: Mostly traders have to keep their eyes open to trade their coins. Byu trading through Lucre users don’t need to look upon on their PC every time.


Dmitry Pshenin

Bogdan Fiedur


Ganesh Puri CEO

Aksana Papovich CMO 

Harjit Singh CTO

Funds and Token Distribution

Fund Distribution

R&D: 40%

Trading Pool: 40%

Mzarketing: 3%

Operational Costs:15%

Legal & compliance fees: 2%

Token Distribution

Tokensale: 80%
Reserve: 14%

Advisors: 3%

Bounty Campaigb: 3%

Tokens and ICO details

Ticker: LCR

Total Tokens: 12,500,000          

Start Date: 1st Jan 2019

Hard cap: 7,000,000 USD

Token Price: 0.77$ to 1.00$

Payment method: ETH & FIAT

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Article written by: Ankit10