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Lancer network Review

In the huge variety of ICO projects, it is equally difficult for a novice and experienced investor to choose a worthy project. Given that the market is still periodically feverish, the choice is particularly difficult to make. It is important to understand that the project will be necessary for the community. That it will not be «ICO for ICO». There are not so many interesting blockchain services capable of yielding a good income. However, Lancer Network definitely can become such a project. What about this project and why is it attractive for investment? Let’s try to find out.

According to the latest estimates, about 200,000 dollars are spent on attracting traffic to crowdsales. And these expenses are only growing! Now, just a good idea for successful ICO is not enough. All of us have repeatedly witnessed how interesting projects failed because of modest budgets. Strictly speaking, promotion is the main problem of all campaigns. Lancer Network will try to offer a solution to this problem.

If you have ever participated in a campaign bounty, then you will immediately notice how the idea of Lancer Network is similar to it. To some extent, the service is an additional bounty for ICOs. However, each participant will receive payment in existing cryptocurrency – BTC, ETH or BCH. Thus, for a relatively small amount of money, ICO teams will be able to obtain native promotion from users, increase the reach of their audience. Now, the platform assumes only the simplest tasks related to social networks and forums – leave a comment, subscribe to a telegram channel and so on. However, after the launch of the platform, developers promise to implement more large-scale profile tasks for copywriters, designers, and developers.

From a technical point of view, Lancer Network does not make a revolution. But this is not necessary. Bounty is one of the few simple ways to promote in social networks. Promotion top people in the sphere is expensive, and the use of bots only repels the project. Lancer Network adapts bounty ideas for freelancing platforms, simply and elegantly.

Lancer Network seems a good idea when it comes to social media. However, when the platform starts to place expensive tasks, users will have to face the problem that is common to all freelancers – the problem of trust. Smart contracts will not be available in the first phase of the platform. The developers promise to implement smart contracts in the near future after the launch of the service and this will be a key moment in the development of the platform.

Perhaps, the idea seems obvious. However, such a service is exactly what the market needs now. A simple promotion tool and a convenient entry point to the cryptosphere at the same time. The project has already made an impression in the blockchain community, it remains only to wait for the results of sales. And it definitely will be good!

Read here Lancer Network’s WhitePaper for more details.

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