KAPU – The first Archaeological Blockchain



KAPU is the world’s first archaeological blockchain. Kapu name was first heard in second Punic war,218 BC. This project was launched with the aim of  making immutable the human history with the help of creation of the first world’s archaeological blockchain of the modern era  and to enhance it by using modern technology. History of any country make that countries people feel proud and they love to show this to next generation. But with the time we lost our precious history assets, to save this assets KAPU is introduced by italian dev’s.

The Capua is a city of Rome  and it is the coin used in Rome. Coins were forged with all three metals (bronze, silver, gold), but Capua was the only one of the three cities to issue precious metal coins. Blockchain is most secured technology which was used in KAPU. By using blockchain people can send their precious data safely and quickly without taking any middleman help. KAPU can send arhceological data with any institute or government body  and with anyone in a safe way.

The  traditional  notary service are based on peoples trust to people in the counterparts and go through iter and complex process that involve both risks and high costs. The technique of data notarization aims to exploit the security principles and immutability provided natively by the public blockchain to purpose to respond more effectively to the regulations required in europe and america. To solve this problem the intrisnsic logic of blockchain with the opentimestamps can guarantee independencefrom any third party provider as well as providing high tight security.


 MainNet will launch on 21st Oct 2017 




KAPU announced pre-sale on 15 June 2017 and it end on 31st Aug 2017. KAPU accept deposit from DPOS coins like LISK, Shift, ARK, RISE and also it accept BTC and ETH. To develope this platform KAPU team decided to launch an ICO and ICO will start on 16th SEP 2017 and will end on 16th OCT 2017.  Total KAPU coins distributed is  115,000,000. 86.9 % will distributed to ICO investors. 4.4 percent to ARK’s team. 4.4 percent to deveopers. 4 percent to advisors and bounties equally distributed and 0.8 percent to community project.

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